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Xiaomi may have risen rapidly to become the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, but that’s not enough for a company which seems to have Apple-sized ambitions to go along with its Apple-borrowed designs. With wearables being the next huge tech revolution,… Read more ›

LAS VEGAS — In a sea of iPhone cases and other Apple-related gizmos, one would expect to find at least a few Apple Watch accessories at CES. Sure, the Watch itself won’t come out for probably a few more months, but… Read more ›

Your Mac is a powerful machine with the capabilities to keep you in touch, productive, and entertained – if you load it with the right apps, that is. Having the proper apps at your disposal will take your Mac experience… Read more ›

One of the biggest reasons why many app developers continue to snub Android is piracy. The platform’s “open” approach, which allows applications to be downloaded from third-party sources and installed manually, makes it incredibly easy for users to circumvent Google Play… Read more ›

The research reads like a Surgeon General’s warning: Prolonged periods of sitting can lead to obesity, heart disease, blood clots and spinal compression, according to the latest medical studies. To combat this modern office horror, an artist and an architecture… Read more ›

Siri got a magnificent boost in iOS 8 with faster understanding and greatly improved comprehension, but a lesser obvious option was also added; the ability to summon Siri with just your voice. With this feature enabled, Siri will be actively listening and waiting for your commands, but only whenever the iPhone or iPad is connected … Read More

Apple’s new design guru Marc Newson has barely been at Apple for nearly a month now, but that’s not going to stop him from also working on his own designs – like a fabulous new way to pour yourself a… Read more ›

Colette, an upscale fashion boutique, is proudly displaying the Apple Watch at its flagship store on Rue Saint-Honoré street in Paris. Apple is partnering with Colette to show off the company’s upcoming Watch for an exclusive “one-day only” event during Paris Fashion… Read more ›

For music enthusiasts, there’s no audio organization software quite like iTunes. Still, unless you have a ton of spare time to sort and label all your audio files, your iTunes is probably a disorganized mess. With TuneUp, however, your iTunes… Read more ›