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Did you think the biggest social network on the planet was just going to sit idly by while the likes of Meerkat and Periscope find success in live, social video? Facebook won’t stand for it. So it’s launching its own contribution to the live streaming mix, but the catch is only cool people can use it. Facebook […]

You waited for the Apple Watch for what felt like forever…so casually tossing it on your nightstand at the end of the day? Not an option. Keep yours charging safely and stylishly with this wood charging stand, now $ 19.99 at… Read more ›

A new iPhone? The Apple Watch? Whatever Apple gadget is currently at the top of your wish list, you can get it free when you enter to win our Apple toy giveaway. Just move fast—it ends at midnight on 6/17. The… Read more ›

Siri’s dance jokes are only one step up from dad puns

Apple Watch owners have to rely on Siri more than iPhone users do, what with the lack of the keyboard and such. However, Siri’s got some funny easter eggs built right in, and it’s fun to try and figure them… Read more ›

During his January conference call with investors, Tim Cook said that 2015 would be ‘the year of Apple Pay’, and while Apple’s mobile wallet has already leapfrogged rivals like Google Wallet, a new survey of the top 100 retailers in… Read more ›

Keyboards are great for typing numbers and letters and stuff, but don’t they seem a little static sometimes? This awesome-looking Bluetooth peripheral aims to solve that problem you may or may not actually have, and it does so with a… Read more ›

Apple’s new spaceship campus is scheduled to be completed late next year, but before 12,000 employees take over the new mothership, you can take a guided tour of Apple’s current headquarters, if you’ve got enough funds. A new CharityBuzz auction… Read more ›

Only your ears can save you in this creepy horror game

Imagine exploring a creepy house full of eerie and unfamiliar sounds, supernatural horror dripping from every bannister and behind every mysterious, creaking door. Now imagine entering such a disturbing environment when you’re blind. Cassie is the blind young protagonist of… Read more ›

Unlock the secrets of developing apps for the Apple Watch for only $ 19 with the Mammoth Interactive WatchKit Developer Course from Cult of Mac Deals. Saving 93% on the retail price, you’ll learn how to create a variety of essential… Read more ›

How to navigate using only your Apple Watch

As a sufferer from dysmappia (not a real word), I still get lost in a town I’ve lived in for 15 years. The iPhone and GPS accessibility has allowed me to find my way around pretty much any urban center… Read more ›