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Samsung has bought its own Apple Pay competitor with LoopPay, a U.S. startup that makes cases and accessories for wirelessly transmitting card data with a magnetic signal. First rumored back in December, Samsung will allegedly integrate LoopPay’s technology into its… Read more ›

As rumors of an Apple car start to gain speed, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has run the figures to find out what kind of business proposition automobiles could be for a company that tends to steer clear of small… Read more ›

As rumors of an Apple Car start to gain speed, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has run the figures to find out what kind of a business proposition cars could be for Apple — which tends to steer clear of… Read more ›

You can help speed Sonic 3 onto iOS

Anyone who enjoys old-school games will most likely have experienced the crushing disappointment of finding a favorite title in the iOS App Store — only to discover that whichever company that ported it over took no care whatsoever in doing… Read more ›

Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack spins onto vinyl

As vinyl enjoys a resurgence in interest and availability, it’s no small wonder that the publisher of Grand Theft Auto V is creating a special boxed set of tunes on records. The box set will include 59 tracks from the… Read more ›

Handsome Jack, the erstwhile villain of Borderlands 2, had to start somewhere. It’s not easy taking over an entire corporation, let alone a whole planet. His story begins much more humbly, however, with Jack working as a programmer at Hyperion… Read more ›

You know those cheapo gadgets you pick up at the dime store or from the racks by supermarket checkouts? That’s the kind of throwaway gadget you think you’ve got when you pick up the Clamplight MINI from Blackfire. Which is… Read more ›

Have you ever wanted to just copy a song or two over to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad from iTunes, only to have iTunes try to sync a whole barrage of unwanted music to the iOS device? That happens due to iTunes AutoFill, a feature that some users may enjoy as it will fill … Read More

Super Monkey Ball was one of the real gems of the GameCube era, and now a version of it is set to bounce its way onto iOS this summer. But this isn’t your grandpappy’s Super Monkey Ball. According to SEGA,… Read more ›

Sharebox adds a feature to Dropbox that should probably already have been there: it lets you drag and drop files onto the Dropbox icon in your Mac’s menubar, and have them upload to Dropbox. The neatest part is that it… Read more ›