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Carrot Weather’s sassy forecasts storm onto Mac

The sassy robot that got its start on iOS has started taking over the Mac too. Carrot Weather launched in the Mac App Store today complete with tons of features and even more snarky comments about the conditions. The self-proclaimed “weather robot with a personality” has plenty to offer. The Carrot Weather app for Mac is pretty […]

Angry Birds 2 flings itself onto your screens July 30

The disgruntled avians are headed your way yet again in a new game, cleverly titled Angry Birds 2, according to a fairly vague website and trailer from Finnish developer Rovio. Details are scant, but here’s hoping we see more of… Read more ›

3 easy ways to record Beats 1 audio onto your Mac

Beats 1 is live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it’s a fantastic way to get your dose of what’s happening right now in urban music. Problem is, just like the terrestrial radio that it uses as… Read more ›

There is a slight soapbox on which I stand sometimes when I write about photography. Nothing too high-minded, but when the topic allows, I will gently remind people to print out their pictures from their iPhones and computers. Today, I… Read more ›

You know how the iPhone and iPad plays a little chime when you plug it in? The new MacBook also does that. But sadly, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro remain completely silent when they connect to juice — which… Read more ›

You know how the iPhone and iPad plays a little chime when you plug it in? The new MacBook also does that, but sadly, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are still completely silent when they connect to juice… which… Read more ›

Finish him! Mortal Kombat X uppercuts its way onto iOS

For the first time since the disappointing Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, the world’s most ultra-violent fighting franchise is making its way onto iOS, courtesy of Mortal Kombat X Mobile: a stripped down, swipe-based version of the console Mortal Kombat X, which… Read more ›

Today marks five years since the iPad first went on sale and, to celebrate, the superb app Art Authority (which also celebrates its fifth anniversary) is slashing its price from $ 9.99 to zero for one day only. For those unfamiliar… Read more ›

Samsung has bought its own Apple Pay competitor with LoopPay, a U.S. startup that makes cases and accessories for wirelessly transmitting card data with a magnetic signal. First rumored back in December, Samsung will allegedly integrate LoopPay’s technology into its… Read more ›

As rumors of an Apple car start to gain speed, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has run the figures to find out what kind of business proposition automobiles could be for a company that tends to steer clear of small… Read more ›