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How to Disable “Search / Copy” Pop-Up in Opera When Selecting Text

The Opera web browser is perhaps best known more recently for having a great free VPN included in the browser, and while it’s generally a good web browser alternative, the latest versions include a rather annoying pop-up feature that shows up any time any text is selected in the app. Fortunately, you can disable the … Read More

Use the Free VPN in Opera Browser for Improved Privacy & to Access Regional Content

Opera, the alternative web browser, now includes a free VPN service, which is built directly into the web browser itself. The free VPN allows you to hide your IP address, access region restricted content or blocked content by bypassing a firewall or regional restraints, hide browsing activity from other users on the same local network, … Read More

Steve Jobs opera will focus on his tenor at Apple

Steve Jobs’ life is about to get yet another retelling — this time in the form of an opera entitled “The Revolution of Steve Jobs,” coming to the Santa Fe Opera as part of the company’s 2017 season. Written by composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell, the production will supposedly “examine Jobs facing his […][Read More…]

Experience tech’s greatest-ever demo as an opera

If you think the 2007 unveiling of the iPhone is tech’s most impressive demo, you haven’t seen anything yet! Back in 1968, when Tim Cook was barely 8 years old, an engineer named Doug Engelbart put on a computer demonstration at…Read more ›

Check out tech’s greatest ever demo as an opera

If you think the 2007 unveiling of the iPhone is tech’s most impressive demo, you haven’t seen anything yet! Back in 1968, when Tim Cook was barely eight years old, an engineer named Doug Engelbart put on a computer computer demonstration at the…Read more ›

Opera Announces It Will Be Shifting All Of Its Browsers To WebKit This Year

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 17.04.10

Opera has announced that it will gradually phase out the use of Presto, its own rendering engine, in favor of WebKit this year. It will utilize Chromium, the open source project from Google, which powers the search giant’s speedy Chrome browser. Opera’s first Chromium-based smartphone browser will be previewed at Mobile World Congress later this month.

Opera says it has already made its first  [Read More…]

Opera Takes On Mobile Web Browsing With Ice For Android And iOS

Lookin' good, Opera.

Lookin’ good, Opera.

In an internal video released today by web browser company, Opera, the initial programmer of the new concept showed off a beta of the new Opera browser scheduled to go live for iOS and Android in February of this year.

The video, posted on Pocket Lint, shows a browser that looks to redefine the typical mobile browsing experience, with icons instead of tabs and gestures instead  [Read More…]

iPhone Is Best Mobile Advertising Platform, Says Opera Software [Report]

The iPhone is the top performer in the mobile ad monetization performance space, according to a new report from Opera Software. It is followed by Android devices, of course, and then a large gap in which the rest of the mobile devices are being left behind. The iPhone leads the smartphone OS pack with an average eCPM of $ 2.85, writes the company in their first State of Mobile Advertising report.  [Read More…]

Stage An Opera On Your iPhone With This Fun Game [Review]

Show must go on Not many opera companies have ventured on to the App Store, but Londons Royal Opera House has and the result is something unexpected: not a listings app, not a tickets app, not anything youd normally associate with opera. Its a game. And its great.   The Show Must Go On puts you in charge of a typical opera production, which is a great deal  [Read More…]

The Latest Opera Mini for iOS Brings Improved YouTube Integration

Opera Mini browser for iOS has been updated with improved youtube integration among some new features. Opera Mini is a very popular web browser with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. And here’s why Opera Mini is so popular : Keep Opera Mini handy on your iOS device, especially for those unavoidable times you are on a slow crowded network, away from Wi-Fi or when data roaming. Opera’s powerful servers compress data by up to  [Read More…]