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Why Apple Isn’t Sabotaging Your Old iPhone [Opinion]

The term “planned obsolescence” has achieved negative connotations, but it originally referred to a long-standing tradition of changing designs to sell more products. It was coined by the car industry in the 1930s to refer to annual model updates. Over…Read more ›

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Why iTunes Radio Is Disappointing [Opinion]

itunesradio_hero_2xWith last week’s iOS 7 launch, Apple also released iTunes Radio, its long-awaited internet radio service that’s available for free on all iOS devices and iTunes on the desktop. While iTunes Radio was thought to be a Spotify-killer before Apple’s Eddy Cue unveiled it at WWDC in June, how it works is more similar to […]

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The M7 Motion Coprocessor Is Way, Way More Useful Than You Think [Opinion]

MoCoPro.The M7 Motion Coprocessor (MoCoPro?) in the iPhone 5s is something of a mystery beast. It’s function is clear – it is an always-on low-power chip that processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass in your iPhone – but its eventual purpose is still a little unclear. So why don’t we do some speculation? […]

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Is The iPhone 5c’s Main Purpose To Make The iPhone 5s Look Better? [Opinion]

iPhone-5c-pink-header“In the past, when we’ve announced a new iPhone, we’ve lowered the price of the current iPhone making it even more accessible to more people. But this year, we’re not going to do that,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company’s special event in Cupertino on Tuesday. Instead, Apple replaced the iPhone 5 with […]

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Why Apple Owes Us Real Transparency About PRISM [Opinion]


iSpy? Apple’s two-page Wall Street Journal ad timed to coincide with the PRISM statement.

You really had to hope that Apple would be more above board than other companies about who has access to our iData. We love them so much: half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple device. They’ve sold us on documenting our growing kids, cooking for our families and debuting new haircuts with iPhones, iPads and  [Read More…]

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Install iOS 7 Right Now [Opinion]


In the words of Apple itself, iOS 7 is the biggest change to their mobile operating system since the introduction of the original iPhone back in 2007. It’s more functional then ever, it’s prettier than ever: it’s the very definition of digital design purified and clarified down to the very basics of form merged with function.

Understandably, that means that many people are tempted to install it on their devices, either  [Read More…]

What Can Apple Do About WWDC? [Opinion]


Ever since 2008, WWDC tickets have sold out faster and faster. In 2009, tickets to WWDC tickets sold out in a month. In 2010, it took eight days. In 2011, tickets sold out in 12 hours. Last year, they sold out in 2 hours.

This year, though? You needed to record the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it melee of WWDC ticket buying with one of those super highspeed cameras they use to show bullets blasting  [Read More…]

How Instagram Made Me a Better Photographer [Opinion]


The first Instagram I posted wasn’t taken with an iPhone.

A few weeks ago I plugged in an old hard drive and saw some scanned photos from when I used to shoot film. In my memory these pictures were some of the best I had ever taken, and I naturally blamed my tools for the fact that I hadn’t snapped anything better with my various digital cameras in the years  [Read More…]

Why Facebook Home Won’t Come To The iPhone [Opinion]

Facebook Home

Today Facebook unveiled “Home,” its new, immersive Android experience. HTC has partnered with Facebook to launch the HTC First, a smartphone designed from the ground up for Home. Other Android handset makers are in the pipeline to release Home-based devices down the road.

Home is a great idea for Facebook and Facebook lovers, and it will probably be very popular on Android after it becomes available next week. But don’t  [Read More…]

Move Over Instapaper And Pocket: DotDotDot Adds Notes, Tags And Comments [Opinion]


The interface is a little confusing, but DotDotDot shows us a glimpse of the future of read-later apps.

Just before the weekend, a new Read Later app launched. Yes, you rightly shout, there are a ton of these apps around already. Hell, even Safari can save pages off line for reading later. But the new app/service, called DotDotDot, shows what these services should be. It’s not polished (it’s an early  [Read More…]