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How to Use 2x Optical Zoom on iPhone 7 Plus Camera

The iPhone 7 Plus includes dual camera lenses, with the secondary lens allowing for 2x optical zoom with a 10x digital zoom modifier. Using the 2x optical zoom feature on iPhone Plus is excellent and easy, but it works slightly different from zooming on a regular iPhone camera, which is accomplished with a pinch gesture. … Read More

The best reason to upgrade to iPhone 6s Plus: optical image stabilization

If you want to record the smoothest 4K video with an iPhone, skip the 6s and go with the 6s Plus. The two new iPhones appear to be identical in almost every way except screen size, but in a new 4K video comparing the digital stabilization of the iPhone 6s against the optical/digital stabilization on […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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iPhone 6s with optical zoom, autonomous cars, and lots of glitter on this week’s CultCast

This week: optical zoom and Force Touch rumored for the iPhone 6s; autonomous future-cars chauffeur us about; we’re back from Vegas with a full report on the best gadgets, technology, and trends from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show; and for…Read more ›

Give your iPhone superpowers with this ingenious optical attachment

LAS VEGAS — Your iPhone captures great imagery, but sometimes the built-in zoom just isn’t enough. An ingenious gadget that quickly connects smartphones to almost any optical device gives your everyday camera superpowers. The Carson Universal is an incredibly simple…Read more ›

5.5-inch iPhone 6 gets optical image stabilization, new parts confirm

Apple will reveal the full details of the iPhone 6 in just 4 days, but a set of leaked images from Feld & Volk appear to confirm that Apple’s biggest iPhone will come with optical image stabilization.  5.5-inch iPhone 6 will…Read more ›

New Patent Suggests iPhone 6 Will Boast Optical Image Stabilization

A new patent filing suggests that Apple might be looking to integrate optical image stablization into its new iPhones. The feature would help improve overall camera performance by allowing for better low-light imaging, while also stablilizing the image to avoid…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Sony Unveils World’s Smallest, Lightest 30X Optical Zoom Point-n-Shoot Camera



Sony is saying that their new Cybershot HX50V camera is the lightest, smallest 30x optical zoom-equipped camera in the world.

Seems like optical zoom is the new megapixels, at least as far as high-end point-n-shoots are concerned; it’s amazing to see the increasing zoom range camera makers are scrambling to pack into their pocketable shooters these days. For now, looks like Sony might just be the race leader.

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Phil Schiller On The Evolution Of The Mac And Abandoning Optical Drives

If Tim Cook is the operational brains behind Apple, then Phil Schiller is the showman. Since Steve Jobs passed away, Schiller has been the go-to guy for product unveilings at Apple’s high-profile media events. This past Tuesday, Schiller showed off a number of brand new products to the world, including the iPad mini and all-new iMac.

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Intel Confirms Existing Thunderbolt Macs Will Support Fiber Optical Cables

Worried your nice new Mac wont support those upcoming fiber optical cables? Well, worry no more. Intel has confirmed that the current range of Thunderbolt-capable Macs will indeed support fiber optical cables, which should be ready by next year. Dave Salvator, an Intel spokesman, told Macworld: Circuitry will ensure compatibility of optical cables with existing Thunderbolt ports, Salvator said. Copper cables provide adequate data transfer for use over short distances of  [Read More…]

First Apple Assassinates Optical Media, Now USB Thumb Drives Need Witness Protection

Apples line of MacBook Airs never shipped with an optical drive and now the Mac Mini has joined the party. The new Mac Mini, released this week, no longer includes one of these drives either. If you want an optical drive to use with these Macs you have to purchase an external USB SuperDrive. Now the arrival of the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini herald the death of the  [Read More…]