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Apple Adds “Complete My Season Pass” Option to iTunes TV Show Purchases

Apple added a wrinkle in the way iTunes users can purchase their favorite television shows this week. The wrinkle comes in the form of a “Complete My Season Pass” option now available in the iTunes store. It’s unclear when this option became available exactly, but it appears to have started this week. Apple has offered a “Complete My Album” feature in the iTunes store for some time, allowing users who downloaded a few individual tracks  [Read More…]

iPhone Panorama Photo Option Hidden in iOS 5 Camera App

Panoramic camera mode on iPhone A hidden panoramic photo mode has been discovered in currently shipping builds of iOS 5 by an iPhone developer. The panorama option is enabled by adjusting a plist file in the Camera.app, but making modifications to plist files in iOS requires a jailbreak. After the com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist file has been modified by setting ‘EnableFirebreak’ to YES, the Camera app shows the panorama option and will take and  [Read More…]

Upcoming Mac Mini Specs Revealed: 500GB Storage as Standard, Server Option

Apple’s upcoming Mac mini refresh is expected to drop sometime this week, and will introduce 500GB hard drives as standard, Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors, and the company’s high-speed Thunderbolt technology to the smallest Mac desktop. Here’s what else you can expect.   As previous reports had suggested, there will also be a Mac mini server, according to a source for 9to5 Mac, who has also provided specs for the upcoming  [Read More…]

?Send to Twitter” Option Coming to iOS 5?

Reports are circulating that Twitter is about to launch a new photo sharing service called Twitter Pictures. This will put them in direct competition with existing media sharing services such as TwitPic and yfrog. It’s said that Twitter would like to provide a more consistent experience for the end user and have more direct control over Twitter as a whole. Apparently, Twitter approached TwitPic and yfrog several months ago to inform the companies of their plans to move  [Read More…]

This Tweak Adds Native Facebook Uploading Option To The iPhone/iPad Photos App

While Facebook’s iPhone app has certainly improved lately, it’s still far from the smooth, slick experience we iPhone users are so used to these days. Unfortunately, it’s the only real way to upload photos to Facebook from an iPhone, but if you’re a jailbreaker there’s a new tweak that’s going to rock your world. Enter, FBUploader.

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AT&T Reveals New Billing Option for iPad 2 and Other Tablets

Click the image to open in full size. On Thursday, AT&T rolled out a new post-paid monthly data billing option for its covered tablet. In case you’re wondering, yes, this includes the freshly unveiled iPad 2. The first reaction to AT&T’s announcement is that the carrier seems to now have a small advantage over Verizon Wireless, which offers pre-paid only plans for tablets. In a press release issued today, AT&T says that, effective immediately,  [Read More…]