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Oracle Java is now installing adware on Macs. Here’s how to avoid it

Mac users have had it pretty good when compared to Windows users, at least on the adware and nuisanceware front. Even Oracle, who has bundled the Ask.com search toolbar with Java for Windows for years, has abstained from infecting its…

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Oracle Patches Java 7 & Java 6 Following Apple Hack To Close “Remote Compromise”


Following today’s big story that a number of employee computers within Apple were compromised following a zero-day Java exploit, Oracle has just released update 15 for Java 7 and update 41 for Java 6.

While there’s no specific mention of what has been updated, there’s excellent reason to believe it fixes the vulnerability that compromised both Apple and Facebook.

SANS Technology Institute’s Johannes B. Ullrich notes that in this patch…

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Color Oracle is a Free Color Blindness Simulator for Designers

Color Blindness Simulator

Color Oracle is a free app that makes simulating color blindness easy, allowing for a real time look at how those with different types of color impairments will view images on screen. The utility �takes the guesswork out of designing for color blindness� and according to it�s developers, uses the best available algorithm for simulating color recognition impairments.

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