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Unrest, An Online RPG Set In Ancient India, Lets You Play As Ordinary Folk


Seriously, I’m kind of tired of playing the typical RPG in which I take on the role of the savior of the world. This kind of power fantasy, wish fulfillment story has its place, but boy would it be nice if we could see some different stories out there.

The developers behind Kickstarter project, Unrest, must have felt the same way, as their new online RPG is set in ancient  [Read More…]

New Photo App Pxl Turns Your Ordinary Photos Into Abstract Art Masterpieces

There is certainly no shortage of Photography apps in the iOS store that promise to do magical things to your snapshots. Users can turn their photos into vintage looking pictures via Instagram, transform faces into comic book art with Halftone, or do weird things with Percolator, but this latest app is a bit different from all the rest. Pxl is a new app available for iPhone and iPad that transforms  [Read More…]

Early Investor Reaction To Steve Jobs’ Death Mixed: “Apple Risks Becoming An Ordinary Company Without Him.”

Photo by Craig S – http://flic.kr/p/4qVSGp

Reaction on Wall Street and elsewhere to the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs Wednesday night is mixed. Analysts appear to be walking a fine line between reassuring worried investors and discounting the contribution Jobs made to the tech giant.   High profile Apple watcher Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray stressed CEO Tim Cook would continue the tradition set by the iconic Apple leader. “While  [Read More…]