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Hot deals ending soon: KeySmart Key Organizer with 8GB USB Drive, the Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker & more [Deals]

We’re getting down to the wire on the chance to save big on the KeySmart 2.0 organizer, the Innori battery pack, the Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker, and more. KeySmart 2.0 Compact Key Organizer with 8GB USB Drive – 24% off Ditch…Read more ›

Put an end to key jingling: Get the OrbitKey leather key organizer & bottle opener for 26% off [Deals]

Keeping your keys organized never looked so good. The OrbitKey holds up to 7 standard keys, and seamlessly stops them from scratching your phone and rattling in your pocket. For a limited time it’s 26% off at Cult Of Mac…Read more ›

Offer ends tonight: Get free shipping & 26% off the KeySmart 2.0 key organizer [Deals]

If you are tired of your bulky and disorganized key ring then Cult of Mac Deals has an offer you’ll love. The Keysmart 2.0 Compact Key Organizer is the hot, new way that folks who appreciate streamlined aesthetics keep their…Read more ›

Swizzle Inbox Organizer Turns Your Email Into A Better Shopping Trip [Daily Freebie]

  Think your inbox is a dizzying mass of junkmail? The serial entrepreneur who started About.com wants to help you unclutter; not by getting rid of spam, which has been pretty much wiped out at this point — but by…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Grades 3 For iPhone Is A Smart Class Organizer For Students

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 4.34.38 PMOrganizing class work and keeping track of grades can be a pain. The aptly-named Grades app aims to be the ultimate tool for students in the App Store, and version 3.0 arrived today with a host of new features. Grades 2 was good enough to receive an Apple Design Award, but updates have been so […]

The post Grades 3 For iPhone Is A Smart Class  [Read More…]

Its A Wrap: Cable Organizer Wrangles Tangles

The Wrap Wrangles Tangles.

I’m totally against the wrapping of wires, ever since being shouted at on a movie location for over-enthusiastically coiling audio and power cables around my thumb and elbow. Apparently that’s not how it’s done by the pros, and the experience has made me wince every time I see somebody stretching their headphone cables around their iPod.

Still, I’m clearly in the (superior) minority, and the The Wrap proves it. It’s  [Read More…]