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As the artist responsible for the famous icons used for the original Macintosh, Susan Kare played an immensely important role in personal computer history. A new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York pays homage to the queen… Read more ›

There’s less than a month left before Sony’s first original television show airs on its flagship video game brand, PlayStation. Based on Eisner award-winning comic Powers by Brian Michael Bendis (Daredevil, X-Men) and Michael Avon Oeming (B.P.R.D., The Mice Templar),… Read more ›

We’re all so used to using our iPhones as our primary cameras these days that it’s difficult to remember what it was like in the dark days before the device came along. Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published… Read more ›

Almost five years after the original Angry Birds game made its debut, Rovio is keeping things fresh with a new update that adds 15 brand new levels. All are based on fan-favorite episodes, and they’re available now on both Android and iOS. It’s quite… Read more ›

‘Rare’ original iPhone lands on eBay for $15K

Looking for a little extra summer cash? It might be time to dust off your old iPhone. Some enterprising eBay seller is hawking their “rare” mint condition, 1st generation iPhone with only 4GB of storage, and all their asking for is… Read more ›

We’ve been waiting years for Amazon’s challenger to the iPhone to finally surface, but unless you’re on AT&T you’ll have to wait a while to get Amazon’s crazy 3D phone in your pocket. Like the original iPhone before it, Amazon… Read more ›

Both the actively applied Camera filters and the later added Photos apps based color filtering in iOS can add some nice stylizing effects to pictures, helping to give them a unique look, but if you decide you’re no longer wanting an image to be filtered through a crazy color lens, you can actually easily remove … Read More

From 1993 until 1997, Apple’s rainbow logo smiled down from the east-facing side of Infinite Loop’s Building 3 as drivers sped north on Highway 280. Now these Styrofoam and fiberglass signs are treated like fine art being peddled by one of the world’s oldest… Read more ›

From 1993 until 1997 Apple’s rainbow logo smiled down from the east-facing side of Infinte Loop’s Building 3 as drivers sped north on highway 280. Now it’s a piece of fine art being peddled by one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious auctioneers.… Read more ›

The hosts file is included on every computer and used by Mac OS to map IP addresses to host names. Because users may choose to adjust, change, or otherwise edit the hosts file for a variety of reasons, it can be easily subjected to user error, leading to a variety of undesirable network problems ranging … Read More