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Lollicam, Starseed: Origins and other awesome apps of the week

Somehow it’s the weekend again already, and to help you celebrate we’ve combed through the week’s best apps to help you sort the wheat from the chaff. Whether it’s a great retro-style iOS action game or a superb Twitter client, we’re confident we’ve got what you’re looking for. Check out our list below. Lollicam If […]

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Intriguing new Hubble photos hint at solar system origins

The muse of the Hubble Space Telescope is even more alluring 20 years later. Of all the breath-taking photos from the telescope’s camera, the blooming pillars of gas of the Eagle Nebula from 1995 became Hubble’s most iconic image, depicted…Read more ›

Woz demystifies Apple’s origins (including the ‘myth’ of Jobs’ garage)

Apple Computers was recently named the 10th most disruptive idea of the last 85 years  by Businessweek. To celebrate the historic impact of the Apple I and Apple II computer had on the digital revolution, the magazine interviewed Steve Wozniak to…Read more ›

5 TV superhero origins we loved watching and 5 more we’d love to see unfold

Free-To-Play Batman: Arkham Origins Is Exactly What You’d Expect [Review]

This week sees the release of Batman: Arkham Origins on consoles, but if you can’t wait to spend your nights beating criminals to death with your bare hands, a companion game is out now for your favorite iOS device. Batman:…Read more ›

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