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Orlando Magic will be first NBA team to offer Apple Pay

Apple Pay made its debut in Major League Baseball just in time for the world series. Now the NBA is about to get its first look at how Apple’s mobile wallet can speed up concession stand lines, as the Orlando…

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Orlando Lexus Dealership Using Jailbroken iPads for iPad Stations, Craziest Place You’ve Found a Jailbroken iDevice?

The Jailbreak Community is vast and far reaching. Users all over the world turn their nose at Apple’s attempts to keep their portable devices and mobile operating systems closed to outside tampering. Sometimes though, it’s easy to forget we don’t exist only in online in forums, tweets, or Cydia releases, but that members of MMi and the Jailbreak community are real, living, breathing people.

MMi member Auntuell Mills passed us a few pictures reminding us of  [Read More…]