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Secret sauce—it’s the reason Apple keeps winning where others fail, and on our newest CultCast, we discuss the recipe that keeps Apple ahead of the pack. Plus, iOS 8 rumors detail some powerful new features; whispers of an impossibly thin… Read more ›     

ItIn response to the public’s outcry that tech companies are working with the NSA to pilfer personal info on targets of interest, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and others announced an alliance with civil liberties groups today demanding for more transparency by U.S. government concerning wiretapping. The coalition sent a letter today to President Obama and [...]

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apple-sign-logo-234Apple and some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies have been under heavy fire ever since info on the National Security Administration’s PRISM program leaked to the public last month. In response to the public’s outcry that tech companies are working with the NSA to pilfer personal info on targets of interest, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter [...]

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The Washington Post has reported that the NSA has created a $ 20 million spy program called PRISM, that has been allowed to directly access citizens’ private data on Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple servers – the company joined the program in that order as well..

Both Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple have all denied any involvement in the PRISM program, however, the Washington Post’s story alleges that the  [Read More...]

Today, Google announced two new Nexus tablets — the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 — which will go head-to-head with more established competitors like the iPad, the iPad mini and the Kindle Fire HD. But how do they stack up?

Here’s a chart comparing the specs of each device:

Please scroll the table left and right to see all of its contents.

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The Surface RT goes up against the iPad and more.

Microsoft’s new Surface RT tablet made its debut today, just three days after Apple announced the new fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini. If you’re not completely dedicated to iOS, you’re probably having a hard time decided which tablet to go for.

To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a handy chart that compares the Surface  [Read More...]

Got a birthday wish list you’d like to share with significant others, making sure they are never wanting for just the right gift to give you for the next celebration? How about a grocery list that you can add to secure in the knowledge that your husband or wife will know to stop and get garlic at the store on the way home from work? Or even a shared task list for  [Read More...]

Pre-ordered an iPhone 5? Plan on buying one soon? Time to shop for some cases.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 to the world this past Wednesday. Besides the privileged few, most third-party case/accessory makers saw the iPhone 5′s final design at the same time as everyone else: during Apple’s media event. Apple’s thick veil of secrecy hasn’t kept case manufacturers from getting ready, however. Rumors and part leaks predicted the iPhone 5′s  [Read More...]

Apple’s new iOS 6 mapping has been beautifully done. The maps are gorgeous, informative, and quick at loading. Apple also let us know at WWDC 2012 yesterday that they are no longer using Google Maps as a mapping service in their native iOS Maps application and that they are now using their very own solution. So who exactly are they using for mapping services now? Taking a look in the Maps application in iOS 6, Apple  [Read More...]