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Rocksteady XS Speaker: Well Behaved, But You Should Keep It Outdoors [Review]

Loud and proud. Photo credit Nuria Gregori

Rocksteady XS by Killer Concepts Category: Speakers Works With: Anything Price: $ 100

The Rocksteady XS is meant to be a tough, loud outdoor speaker. And it is. But how does it stack up, sound and feature-wise, against some rather stiff competition?


The speaker offers some great features. It’s aluminum, and yet costs just $ 100. It has Bluetooth, but also has a jack  [Read More…]

Mujjo Unveils Leather Touchscreen Gloves For Using Your iPhone In The Chilly Outdoors

The holiday season is upon us, and for many that means winter temperatures. Every iPhone user should have a solid pair of touchscreen gloves for when it gets chilly outside. Mujjo recently started selling touch-sensitive knitted gloves, and now the Dutch company has unveiled its premium leather gloves that work beautifully with touchscreens.

The product description says it all:

Made of the finest Ethiopian lambskin, the glove has been uniquely designed from  [Read More…]