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Get a Rainbow of Colors for Terminal Command Output with lolcat

The Terminal defaults to being a bunch of boring black on white text, and sure you can change the appearance to other themes, add colors, background images, opacity, transparencies, and other UI customizations, but what you really want is obviously a rainbow version of the cat command for input and output, right? Right, of course … Read More

Make Your Mac Send Sound Output To Your Giant HDTV [OS X Tips]

Audio through HDMI

At work, I use a big Acer monitor connected to my Macbook Air via an HDMI dongle from Moshi and an HDMI cable. For quite some time, I was content with having the sound come out of the Macbook Air, which I have set up just to the left of the big monitor as a second screen.

But the other day, since I have the huge TV in  [Read More…]

Quickly Enable HDMI Audio & Toggle Sound Output from Mac OS X

Mac audio output If you’ve ever connected a Mac to something else like a TV through HDMI, you’ve probably noticed that, unlike the video source, sound output does not automatically change to the newly connected hardware. This is intentional, but many users misinterpret that as a problem with their HDMI adapter or cable, or even their Macs output capabilities, when in fact it’s almost always just a matter of adjusting the  [Read More…]

Record System Audio Output in Mac OS X with Soundflower

Capturing system audio on a Mac is not something that OS X has the native ability to be able to perform, but with the help of a great third party utility you can easily add that functionality to Mac OS X and any accompanying applications. This means you can capture and record audio output directly from anything that is playing on the Mac, whether that’s from apps like iTunes, Garageband, Spotify, or even just a web browser like Safari or  [Read More…]

iTunes 11 Can Control Individual Volume Output On Multiple AirPlay Devices At Once


iTunes 11 has a bunch of small new features that will make you smile, and if you have a couple of speakers in your house that are AirPlay compatible this newly discovered feature will certainly make you happy.

When you connect multiple AirPlay devices to your iTunes 11 Mac you can now control the volume output of those devices through iTunes 11 rather than having to manage each device individually  [Read More…]

Record Audio Output from a Mac the Easy Way with WavTap

Capture Mac audio easily with WavTap

Recording audio playing out from a Mac isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but that’s exactly what WavTap aims to resolve with a remarkably simple menu bar item.

With WavTap, just pull down the menu, select “Start Recording”, and you’ll capture a .wav file of whatever audio is being played on the Mac, whether it’s from a podcast, live stream, video, iTunes, the source  [Read More…]

Djay For iPad Adds Dual Stereo Output For Proper Song Cueing

DJing on the iPad just got real. Or something. I'm not really sure if that's how disc jockeys speak. What I do know is that Algoriddim's Djay 1.6 adds some major new features thanks to iOS 6. What kind of features? Oh, you know… Just things like full dual stereo outputs for monitoring and playing different songs at the same time.

It's called "multi-route audio", and if you have a USB or HDMI audio  [Read More…]

Apple TV 3 Released with 1080P Output, Here Are Details & Specs

Apple TV 3 Apple announced a new Apple TV today, physically the device looks the same as the old version, but thatís where most of the similarities end. The new Apple TV is more powerful, and boasts 1080p output, and includes a completely redesigned UI with iCloud integration. Hereís what we know so far: All new user interface, looks more like iOS 1080p output Single Core A5 Processor Supports iCloud movies  [Read More…]

Real Racing 2 Now Available For iPad 2 In HD 1080p Video Output [Video]

The updated version of Real Racing 2 HD will get 1080p output video. According to Firemint, this will be the first for any iOS game. Firemint has posted a video of thedevelopment version of Real Racing 2 HD which shows Real Racing 2 HD running on a large TV in 1080p, with iPad screen showing a different game user interface. The game looks great and it runs at 30 frames per second.This updated version of Real Racing  [Read More…]