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Mophie OutRide Turns Your iPhone Into a Weatherproof, Wide-Angle Action Cam

We’re continually seeing examples of how the iPhone has exploded its horizons to become much, much more than just a phone. Case (ha) in point: Why shell out $ 300 for an action cam when you already own a video cam with stellar optics and image-stabilizing, a big, beautiful screen and the ability to upload your exploits whenever you damn well please? All you need to turn your iPhone from video cam to action cam is a rugged, weatherproof case  [Read More…]

Mophie OUTRIDE, An iPhone Camera Case For Using OUTSIDE

Mophie’s OUTRIDE looks adequate.

Mophie, the JuicePack company, has flipped out and gone in a totally new direction, head first into an equally crowded market: iPhone sports camera enclosures. Mophie’s version is called the OUTRIDE, in ALL-CAPS.

You know the drill: rugged, waterproof case, integrated lens (wide-angle in this case) and a variety of mounting options. What sets Mophie’s effort apart (other than the rather nice styling) is the neat-looking Outride app, which  [Read More…]