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Think outside the box for super-fast iPad Pro charging

When it comes to charging 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you’re going to be better off thinking outside the box (it came in). The larger, 29-watt USB-C charger is the one that should have come with the iPad Pro in the first place. It blows the 12-watt included charger out of the water so hard, you’re going […]

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Pro-Apple protesters plan to swarm courthouse outside FBI hearing

The FBI will be greeted by protestors when it faces off against Apple at the U.S. District Courthouse in Riverside, CA on March 22nd. Fight for the Future — the same group that rallied at Apple Stores across the country last month — is organizing another protest against the FBI’s federal court order compelling Apple […]

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PSA: Here’s how to order your iPad Pro outside the U.S.

Update: The iPad Pro website has now been updated in the U.K. Let us know if you have any issues ordering in other non-U.S. countries. If so, it’s worth trying the mobile Apple Store app. The iPad Pro went on sale today in more than 40 countries, but things aren’t quite so straightforward if you […]

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iPhone 6s review: Pretty on the outside, a beast on the inside

The iPhone 6s looks just like its predecessor, but new features make this year’s model much, much more than just an “incremental” upgrade. An iPhone 6s review.

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ResearchKit apps are now available outside the U.S.

ResearchKit has already helped scientist make some breakthroughs in the study of diseases like Parkinsons, but the apps powered by Apple’s open-source health software haven’t been made available internationally. Starting today, iOS users in the U.K. and Hong Kong can get in on the ResearchKit action too, thanks to the MyHearth Counts app, which was […][Read More…]

How to get iOS 9’s News app outside the U.S.

Those with an Apple developer account can download iOS 9 beta 3, and therefore experience Apple’s new Flipboard-style news app, News, right now. The problem is, if you’re not in a supported country, like the U.S. or U.K., you may…Read more ›

This cool gadget puts the weather outside into a box on your desk

The best way to check the weather is usually pulling up an app or website, turning on a TV, or simply going to a window and looking outside. But what if you had a gorgeous device on your desk that…Read more ›

Most Android-to-iPhone 6 switchers came from outside the U.S.

Tim Cook told investors he’s optimistic that the iPhone 6 still has legs, mostly because it has the highest Android switcher rate the company has seen in over three years. The bigger screen was supposed to cause an avalanche of…Read more ›

Workers protesting outside Apple Stores on iPhone 6 launch day

In addition to the long lines of iPhone 6 customers, Apple Stores across the United States are going to see another group of people gathering today: protesting security workers. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is planning to stage protests…Read more ›

Apple’s own security guards stage protest outside San Francisco Apple Store

A protest involving around 50 people blocked customers from entering the main doors of Apple’s flagship San Francisco Union Square retail store yesterday. The protest was related to service employees claiming to be underpaid. Organized by the Service Employees International…Read more ›