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If you work and play in creative environments, you already know that design software can be pretty darned expensive. Still, if you want to be the best designer you can be, you’re going to need that software, so you have… Read more ›

Bose sues Beats over noise-cancelling headphone patents

Beats just launched a legal assault against Chinese copy cats earlier this month, but it looks like the company just got hit with a legal bomb for copying another headphone maker itself. Bose Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Beats for allegedly infringing… Read more ›

A group of former retail and corporate Apple employees are suing the iPhone-maker for alleged violations of the California Labor Code, claiming Apple never granted timely meal or rest breaks, and failed to promptly send out final paychecks as well.… Read more ›

After the Chinese media called iOS’s ability to track an iPhone’s location a “national security concern,” Apple has responded with a lengthy statement detailing its commitment to customer privacy. Yesterday China’s state-run CCTV ran a segment heavily criticizing the “Frequent… Read more ›

People who work in creative industries know that the best media creation software is products made by Adobe. Whether it’s getting pictures just right with Photoshop or putting together a whiz bang digital newsletter with InDesign, Adobe makes software to… Read more ›

iTranslate has been one of the most popular language tools on iOS for a long time, and today it comes to the Mac. With support for over 80 languages, voice output to help with pronunciation, and a clean menubar app… Read more ›

Apple rats out Google to FTC over in-app purchases

The FTC came down hard on Apple earlier this year for its lack of parental controls for in-app purchases on iOS, so Apple did what anyone caught red handed would do — they ratted out the competition too. A week… Read more ›

7 new TV shows to watch on iTunes over the long weekend

Yo takes over your house with IFTTT integration

Since launching last week, Yo has mostly been a joke of an app with $ 1 million in funding, a horrifically bad security hole and the best Games of Thrones-themed clone to ever hit the App Store. Somehow it’s already amassed one million users… Read more ›

Taking aim at Apple over chemicals

Elizabeth O’Connell is waging war on Apple from an iPhone 5C with a cracked screen. O’Connell, campaigns director for Green America, is part of an 80-strong group of environmental and human rights groups that recently fired off a 17-page letter to… Read more ›