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Remembering Gary Allen, Apple store’s most devoted overnight camper (CoM classic)

It’s with great sadness that I heard about he passing of Gary Allen this morning. I met Gary several times over the years and called and corresponded with him many times. He ran by far the best website about Apple’s incredible chain of retail stores, a topic that proved a rich hunting ground, given the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple’s nod turns maddening Mr. Jump into an overnight sensation

Getting your game featured by Apple is the best way to jumpstart your indie game success. Sometimes, even games that seem rather basic at first glance can become powerhouses. Mr. Jump is seeing some phenomenal success with five million downloads…Read more ›

Why Apple Watch may not be the overnight success Cupertino is used to

While cellphones have come a long way in a very short time — from the Wall Street bricks of the 1980s, to the gorgeous iPhone 6 devices of today – a new article from Wired argues that innovation takes place much…Read more ›

AppGratis On Why Its App Was Pulled: Apple Changed Its Mind Overnight


AppGratis is a cautionary tale on building your business on Apple’s back.

AppGratis is a popular App Store app that’s used by more than 12 million iOS users. The company consists of 45 employees and recently raised $ 13.5 million in funding. AppGratis offers promotions and discounts for popular paid iOS apps in conjunction with third-party developers, and the company has continued to thrive over the last few years.

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Want Your App To Be An Overnight Hit? Just Name It ‘Butt Crack’


There are all kinds of little tricks developers can use to try to get their app to gain some recognition in the App Store, but Matt Henderson inadvertently discovered that naming your app ‘Butt Crack’ can reap unfathomable rewards.

When Henderson released his new app called Rego, he noticed that for some reason, the app had some massive Brazilian appeal. Over 25% of all downloads came from Brazil, which was strange considering there’s  [Read More…]

Apple Employees Are Being Hold Overnight Tuesday Preparing For The Release Of OS X Lion On Wednesday.

The News from retail sources across the world is that Apples retail chain will be holding employee overnights Tuesday night, Presumably Preparing for Mac OS X Lion Launching. New posters for both front of store posters and posters within the store is sitting in the employee halls of the retail chain. Also we have heard that each store has been sent a Lion-packing Mac Profor an unknown purpose. LaCie hard drives loaded with the GM  [Read More…]