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Overtime got worse for Apple’s supply chain workers in 2014

Apple has been getting tougher and tougher on its supply chain. Just yesterday, for example, Apple banned suppliers who used ‘bonded servitude’ as a way to keep workers on assembly lines. Overall, under Tim Cook’s conscientious leadership, conditions just continue…Read more ›

Excessive overtime and poor safety accusations aimed at Apple supplier

Another Apple supplier is facing accusations concerning violations of labor rights and lapses in workplace safety. The supplier in question is Taiwanese company Catcher Technology, which produces the metal casings for iPads as well as parts for the iPhone, plus…Read more ›

Workers Being Cheated Out Of Millions Of Dollars Of Unpaid Overtime As They Make The iPhone 5C [Report]

low-cost-iphone-iphone-5-bottom-1Sadly, whenever Apple is about to launch a new product, we tend to hear about violations of workers’ rights in Apple’s supply chain. It makes sense. A lot of companies bid against each other for Apple’s business in Asia, then don’t have the money to hire enough workers to fulfill Apple’s huge orders. The result? […]

The post Workers Being Cheated Out Of Millions Of Dollars Of Unpaid Overtime As They  [Read More…]

The Human Cost Of The iPad Mini Involves Explosions, Chemical Smells, And Unpaid Overtime

Each time Apple releases a shiny new device lusted after by consumers across the globe, workers at Chinese factory manufacturers pay the price more than anyone who waits in line at an Apple Store for five hours to shell out $ 329.

As soon as production of an Apple product goes into launch mode, Chinese factory workers get hit by a wave of chemical fumes, 12-hour work shifts, unpaid overtime, and  [Read More…]