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Apple says it ‘pays every cent’ it owes in E.U. tax

Apple has spoken up about the European Union investigation into its Irish tax affairs, telling a panel of E.U. investigators that it pays “every cent of tax” it owes in the country, and that it gets no advantage whatsoever compared with other companies. “We don’t feel that there has been state aid involved and I suppose […]

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Samsung will finally pay Apple the patent infringement damages it owes

Following quite literally years of appeals and retrials, Samsung is finally paying Apple the $ 548,176,477 it owes for infringing on patents owned by the Cupertino company. Four months before the fifth anniversary of the original complaint, Apple will receive the money from Samsung by December 14 — with Apple and Samsung filing a joint case […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Verizon Owes Apple $14 Billion In Unsold iPhones

verizon-is-working-on-a-way-to-save-you-100-on-the-iphone-5Remember how desperate carriers were to get the iPhone on their networks? The billions Sprint and Verizon pledged to Apple in the hopes that they could promise a big enough order that Apple would have no choice but to give them the iPhone? Looks like the laugh is on them. In fact, this year alone, […]

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Why Apple Owes Us Real Transparency About PRISM [Opinion]


iSpy? Apple’s two-page Wall Street Journal ad timed to coincide with the PRISM statement.

You really had to hope that Apple would be more above board than other companies about who has access to our iData. We love them so much: half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple device. They’ve sold us on documenting our growing kids, cooking for our families and debuting new haircuts with iPhones, iPads and  [Read More…]