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Apple gives devs chance at owning Apple Watch before everyone else

If you’re an iOS developer itching to get your hands on an Apple Watch, it might be your lucky day. Apple is giving registered developers a chance to get an Apple Watch delivered by next week, which is much better…Read more ›

Profile of a Typical iPad Owner: Pet Owning Male Doctor Who Plays Video Games

Typical iPad Dude What do you think the profile of an average iPad owner would be like? Would you guess that the most likely individual to buy an iPad was a male who owns pets and plays video games, who might be a business traveling doctor or scientist that takes vitamins and prefers organic food? Yup, all those things are more likely to be true of iPad owners, and they  [Read More…]

President Obama Admits Of Owning An iPad

President Obama is already known for his love of his BlackBerry, and now it seems an iPad has joined his collection of electronic gadgetry.

iPad 2

In a video posted over at TUAW, the bombshell was accompanied by news the ‘down with the kids’ President also, and sit down for this, owns a computer! Fancy that, the leader of the free world knows how to use a computer. Shocker!

  [Read More…]