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For all the ways we use our mobile devices, there are just as many ways for the battery to die and ruin our day. That’s why we’ve gathered the leaders of the battery pack, with options for toughness, multiple devices, even solar power, check below to find a portable energy source for every situation and […]

iPhone 6 camera lets travel photographer pack light

Cult of Mac’s Photo Famous series introduces you to the groundbreaking photographers featured in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6″ ad campaign.  The thick Icelandic fog lifted and Austin Mann saw an otherworldly glacier emerge. Photography is a way for Mann,… Read more ›

If you’re still wondering why everyone’s so excited about the new, do-it-all USB Type-C standard, check out the video below, which shows Apple’s new MacBook being juiced up by a portable battery pack and the OnePlus 2’s new USB-C cable.… Read more ›

Upgrade your Apple experience with a must-have product from Cult of Mac Deals, your hub for great gadgets at awesome prices. Save big on some of the week’s best deals, like the KeySmart 2.0, the Innori 22400mAh battery pack, and… Read more ›

We have a long wish list when we’re shopping for backup power banks: a long battery life, a fast charge, multiple ports, and portable enough to take anywhere. The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh battery pack checks off every item on that… Read more ›

From dad bod to six pack: Essential gear for bulking up

After a brush with cancer prompted me to take my health more seriously, I began using run trackers to start my journey from dad bod to six pack. At first, running was the only exercise I did. It helped me… Read more ›

How gadgets helped me go from dad bod to six pack

I used to live the classic geek lifestyle, forever hunched over a MacBook, munching on comfort food. Until one day cancer forced me to take my health more seriously. Now I run marathons and lift weights for fun. But the… Read more ›

  Keep your mobile devices running day and night with a selection of portable power banks, like the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery. Right now, you can save up to 50% on the purchase of the portable power bank of your… Read more ›

There are dozens of super cool products offered at Cult of Mac Deals every single day. Today we highlight a few of the best deals that are available right now because we’d hate to see anybody miss out on a good… Read more ›

The batteries in an iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 can hold 1810mAh and 7340mAh of power respectively. Even with those fairly generous capacities, these devices sometimes don’t make it through an entire day before they require a recharge, especially… Read more ›