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‘Leaked’ iPhone SE packaging confirms 16GB storage and Apple Pay

The official debut of the iPhone SE is just days away, but it appears that packaging for the new device has already been spotted in the wild, and it confirms some of the device’s new features. A photo of what appears to be an iPhone SE box was posted on Weibo this morning. If the […]

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Get your first look at the iPhone 6s Plus packaging

We’ve had various glimpses of the iPhone 6s itself, but until now we’ve not seen the beautiful, crisp white packaging it will come in. That (may have) changed, with a new leaked photo appearing to show the box for the phablet-sized iPhone 6s Plus. Like the next-gen iPhone itself, the box doesn’t differ substantially from the […][Read More…]

Leaked memo reveals Apple’s obsession with packaging

We already knew that Apple has taken an interest in how its third-party partners present their wares in the Apple Store, but a leaked memo is describing just how seriously the company is taking this new initiative. Other than the clean white background that it’s so fond of, Apple is also asking vendors to pay […][Read More…]

Apple-designed packaging for third-party items hits store shelves

Apple is known for its uncompromising demands on quality, and now it appears that the iPhone-maker is helping third-party accessory makers learn the magic of making beautiful packaging too. Apple Stores have begun stocking third-party accessories with redesigned packaging that…Read more ›

If you think Apple’s packaging is good, wait until you see these

Opening a new Apple product for the first time is pretty close to a holy experience. Part of that is because Apple spends so much time perfecting product packaging so it’s simple, elegant and secure without compromising on intuitiveness. However, it’s…Read more ›

Apple Watch packaging and charging station revealed in new pictures

We’re just three days away till Apple Watches will be on display at stores across the world but we now know what its packaging will look like. Images of the Apple Watch box that doubles as a charging stand were posted…Read more ›

Apple Watch packaging looks like Swatch

Apple might have just leaked some of the packaging for the upcoming Apple Watch. The Apple Jobs website received a nice update today, but includes a new image of what appears to be some of the Apple Watch packaging that…Read more ›

Beautiful renders of new iPhone 6 packaging make us drool

Martin Hajek usually puts his considerable 3-D rendering skills to the task of creating conceptual models of Apple’s upcoming hardware. But after producing his highly-accurate rendering of the iPhone 6 last week, the Dutch artist has tried his hand at…Read more ›

Rare Working Apple I With Original Packaging To Be Auctioned Next Month

An Apple I computer from the original batch of 50 that Jobs and Woz sold to the Byte Shop in 1976 will be put on the auctioning block in Germany next month. Early estimates claim that the computer could fetch…Read more ›

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Apple Could Release Leather Case For iPhone 5S, According To Leaked Packaging [Rumor]

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.41.56 AMApple is going to introduce the iPhone 5S and 5C in less than two hours, and the last-minute leaks are coming in fast. It looks like there could be a leather case announced for the 5S today, according to packaging that has leaked out of China. The design of the packaging is similar to that […]

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