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Pad&Quill Traveler Case Looks Like It Feels As Good As It Looks

Pad&Quill is at it again, this time with a low-profile rear-shell style case for the iPhone 5/S. While calling anything from Brian Holmes’s P&Q “minimal” would be a stretch, the Traveler Case gets pretty close. It is also gorgeous to… Read more ›     

The Pad&Quill Aria Will Still Be Around After You And I Are Dead [Review]


Ariaby Pad&Quill Category: Cases Works With: iPad mini Price: $ 90

I called the Pad&Quill Aria the “classiest iPad mini case yet,” and I’ll stand by that after using it for a week or two. It’s also most definitely the sturdiest, best crafted case I’ve ever seen, and the fanciest that Brian Holmes and the P&Q crew has come up with to date.

But can such a fancy case ever be practical?  [Read More…]

Pad&Quill Aria, The Classiest iPad Mini Case Yet

If Allan Quatermain had owned an iPad, and if he had been a living person instead of a fictional construct, he would have used the Pad&Quill’s new Aria case for his Mini. It’s a beautiful, leather-bound book cover for the little tablet, and it doubles as a stand. Perfect for any skilled hunter trying to spread civilization to the “Dark Continent.”

Though I prefer the slimline solution of Apple’s own Smart Cover  [Read More…]

Pad&Quill iPad Mini Cases

I pad Mini 513

It is becoming clear that some case styles are better suited to the iPad Mini than others. And it seems that Pad&Quill’s bookbindery cases are clearly way more appropriate for the little mini than they ever were for the bigger iPad.

Not that the regular-sized cases aren’t great — they are. But the whole bundle always seemed a little big. Now, though, the match looks to be ideal.

The new cases use the same  [Read More…]