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Take the pain out of hopping on a plane with these travel-ready lifehacks [Deals]

Getflix: Lifetime Subscription – 88% off Traveling shouldn’t mean leaving your favorite TV shows and movies behind. While Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services are shut off to anyone traveling outside the US without a tricky VPN or server masking arrangement, Getflix strategically channels traffic using Smart DNS in order to unblock 100 streaming channels. […]

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Chronic pain patients can ease their suffering with an iPod touch

From the health-tracking features of the Apple Watch to iPhone cases capable of predicting strokes, there are more and more medical devices involving Apple products. Perhaps the most amazing so far, however, involves a newly-launched medical technology which allows chronic pain patients to…Read more ›

Skulpt Aim takes the pain out of measuring body fat

LAS VEGAS — If shedding some body fat is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably like me and looking for all the high-tech help you can get. Activity trackers are great at logging exercise, but if you want…Read more ›

Shocking wearable could quell your chronic pain

LAS VEGAS — Not every wearable launched this year will get slapped on your wrist. Quell, a new electrical-stimulation device designed to help alleviate chronic pain, gets wrapped around the wearer’s calf. “I like to say it’s like a USB…Read more ›

Bendgate Day 3: Best bendy iPhone 6 jokes to ease your pain

We are three days into the Bendgate controversy, and while Apple says they’re seriously investigating why iPhone 6 Pluses are bending in users’ pockets, the company’s competitors and other brands are piling onto the controversy with a steady stream of bending…Read more ›

Lowdown uses artificial intelligence to take the pain out of meeting prep

Turning up to a meeting unprepared can be a big mistake, but who really enjoys meeting preparation? No one, that’s who. But iPhone app Lowdown can take care of the hard work for you, saving you valuable time and energy.…Read more ›

Ooga Jump Around In A Prehistoric House Of Pain [Review]

I’ve played and reviewed my share of endless runners, but Ooga Jump, a new game from Bolt Creative, takes endlessness to that other axis. Pocket God: Ooga Jump by Bolt Creative Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $ 0.99…Read more ›

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The HiRise Is The Best Docking Stand For Your iPhone Or iPad, But It’s A Pain To Put Together [Review]

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 3.18.28 PM      An iPhone or iPad dock is a very nice thing to have for keeping one’s desktop regimented and tidy, but they have drawbacks. HiRise by Twelve South Category: Docks / Stands Works With: iPad, iPhone Price: $35 For one, a dock that you buy for one generation of iPhone might not work […]

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Apple Thinks That Patents Are A Huge Pain In The Ass

At the D10 conference today Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about the many patent wars his company is involved in. Declaring that patents are a pain in the ass, Cook echoed Steve Jobs when he said, We just want people to develop their own stuff and not rip us off. Cook compared patents to an artist drawing a painting. We cant take all of our energy, and all of our  [Read More…]

Proposed Apple Store May Be a Monumental Pain in the Glass to Build

Some Apple stores are fairly easy to construct. Others? Well, let’s just say there’s more involved. This week, we’ve heard about plans for construction on a breathtaking new Apple retail store in Southern California. The defining feature of the facility will be its comprehensive curved glass roof. Now, to be sure, when I say “comprehensive,” there’s no exaggeration involved. The ceiling on the new structure will be madeentirelyof glass. By now you’ve likely noticed that  [Read More…]