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WhatsApp might make chat backup painless with Google Drive

Transferring your WhatsApp data to a new device can be a pain — particularly if you’re switching from Android to another platform, or vice-versa. But WhatsApp looks set to make it a whole lot easier by giving users the ability…

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5 handy shortcuts that will make using your Mac painless

Sometimes things aren’t as easy as they could be when you’re using your Mac to plow through the day’s tasks. Cluttered screens and excess clicking become irritating and tiresome. In today’s video, we take a look at five useful Mac shortcuts that…

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Flowboard’s Painless Publishing Coming Soon To The Mac, With PDF Export [Exclusive]

  We’ve gone on and on about the merits of Flowboard, a web-based platform that lets users easily create  media-rich stories or presentations and publish them onto its servers. Until now, the service has only been available as an iOS…

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PDF Editor Pro Makes Editing PDFs Painless [Deals]

Are you ready to go paperless, but need a great way to convert your scans to editable text? Do you get lots of PDFs to review and need something with more oomph than Preview for edits, annotations, and changes? PDF is a great file format, but sometimes it�s frustrating when you need to do other stuff to them like convert them to another format, edit them, or pull out images or  [Read More…]

Retrospect 9 for Mac Makes Secure Backups More Painless Than Ever

If you�ve been using a Mac for any real length of time, you probably know Retrospect. They�ve been releasing great backup tools to Mac users since the Metazoic age of MacOS 6, and despite coming under the thrall of various corporate overlords from time to time, Retrospect�s still hard at work making great software� and Retrospect 9 for Mac might be their best backup client yet.


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