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Get Procreate Free, the Amazing Painting App for iPhone & iPad

Procreate is easily one of the best painting, drawing, and illustration apps available for iOS, with an amazing array of brushes, features, layers support, and so much more. If you’re even slightly artistically minded or just like to sketch a bit, it blows the iOS Notes drawing tools out of the water by a bazillion … Read More

Bob Ross tribute shows the joy of painting on iPad Pro

A tribute to late public-television legend Bob Ross shows you the joy of painting on the iPad Pro, and it’s not so much about happy little trees as it is really thinking about those bushes. YouTube user iPhonedo, who may want to rethink his wig choices, gives a Rossian demonstration of basic techniques using the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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No classic painting is safe from ‘museum selfies’

We’ve all taken our fair share of selfies, those ego-stroking quick snapshots of ourselves and others engaged in the most fun moments of our lives, right? What would it be like, though, if various figures from historical times, like, say,…Read more ›

This 3-D painting app is the closest thing to holding a real canvas in your hands

There are some incredibly clever examples of people painting masterpieces using their iPad, but a new 3-D painting app called Psykopaint is promising to provide the most authentic painting experience yet. Psykopaint gives you an astonishing variety of materials and…Read more ›

Last Minute Christmas Gift? Get An iPad Painting Done By A Cat

Remember all those stories that accompanied the iPad’s launch about how the device was so straightforward that a person with no previous computer experience could use one? Well, it turns out that they’re so easy that cats can use them…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Flux Free: Painting The Line In Space [Review]

The best puzzle games either have a single rule (Tetris: “Make lines.”) or a few basic rules based on things we know innately or intuitively (Where’s My Water?: “Dig holes, water goes down, steam goes up, poison is bad.”). Flux…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Fun Game: Looking Into An Artist’s Painting To See The Future

Every week Mac Games and More (http://www.macgamesandmore.com/) features an entertaining, downloadable computer game to play over the weekend. This week, discover that all roads lead to hidden objects and puzzles when a trip to Italy throws you into a world of magic, a kidnapping and intrigue. Download it now

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death – Collector’s Edition (hidden objects/adventure) – Your daughter has ventured to Italy but discovers something  [Read More…]

Gmail iOS App Gets Custom Signatures, Auto-Respond And Even A Painting Tool

When Google first released their native Gmail app for iOS, it was just a total mess: an HTML5 web app that not only had less innate functionality than loading up Gmail in Mobile Safari, but couldnt even do its one selling point push notifications right. Heck, it even gave error messages at boot. Iit was so bad Gmail pulled the app within hours of release. A little while  [Read More…]

Wow! This Mind-Blowing Speed Painting Of Steve Jobs Was Done In Just 6 Minutes! [Video]

Weve seen a lot of Steve Jobs tributes since his death in October, but this one is particularly impressive. Speed painter Aaron Kizer took to the stage at the 11th Hour Live Music and Arts Show in Owensboro, Kentucky and in a blur of brushes painted an incredible portrait of Steve Jobs in just six minutes. Remarkable. Check out the full video below.