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How to Pair Playstation 4 Controller with macOS Catalina

Mac users can pair and use Playstation 4 controllers with their Mac, which makes for an excellent gaming experience. The ability to pair PS4 controllers to the Mac has been around a while, but with MacOS Catalina 10.15 onward, it’s easier than before (you can pair Xbox One controllers to Mac now too just as … Read More

How to Pair AirPods Pro with iPhone or iPad

Apple’s AirPods Pro are fantastic headphones, whether for listening to podcasts and audiobooks, making phone calls, and of course they offer a great way to listen to music when you don’t want to have to wear massive headphones. They’re also a wonderful way of making sure that the outside world doesn’t intrude on your listening … Read More

This pair of tools will protect your browsing and help you stay on task [Deals]

Among the top concerns for anybody who spends a lot of time on the computer are how to stay safe online, and how to stay on task. This pair of awesome apps addresses both, with VPN Unlimited creating a private, protected link to the web, and To Do Checklist preserving your productivity. The best part, right […]

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A pair of apps to clean up your iPhone’s act [Deals]

Our mobile devices have to be cleaned out regularly, a time-consuming and often frustrating task. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t really provide the best tools for doing the job, often leaving bits and pieces of apps and files behind, or ignoring the storage methods of various third-party apps. That’s why this bundle is a must for anybody […]

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Giant discounts on a pair of Monster portable storage drives [Deals]

It’s Halloween season, but prices of these two Monsters are anything but scary. With cavernous storage and solid state storage, these are two devices you can take with you free of the worry of a dying motor or a scratched disc. And at more than half off, they’re going for a price that can’t be […]

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Last chance to save 77% on a high quality pair of Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds [Deals]

Quality of design, comfort, functionality, and convenience. Those are the qualities that music afionados look for in a pair of wireless earbuds. Don’t just listen to your music; immserse yourself in it with a pair of Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds…Read more ›

Enter to win a pair of wireless Beats by Dre studio headphones [Deals]

Look totally fashionable while getting superior sound quality with a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. You could win your own pair of Studio Beats with The Beats by Dre Giveaway, which is open to all Cult of Mac Deals…Read more ›

Double Music Lets Teens Ignore Each Other, Even While They Share A Pair Of Earbuds

There isn’t a much sadder sight in the modern urban landscape than a pair of friends walking together, both isolated by their own music playing on their own headphones. Why even bother meeting your friend i all you’re going to do is ignore each other?

Now, it gets a little better – and quite a lot cuter – when those friends share one pair of earbuds, maybe to listen to the same  [Read More…]

Take Closeup iPhone 5 Photos With This Pair of Carson LensMag Macro Lenses

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEh-Q_7VuGk?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Microscope-like macro lenses are super neat — and not just because they let you see the little hairs on a ladybug’s leg. No, macro lenses can show you a whole new world. Or macro lenses can spark (or rekindle) a love affair with photography. Heck, at the very least, they’re good for hours of amusement.

There’s no shortage of macro lenses for the iPhone: There’s the high-end Olloclip, which also comes with a fisheye and a wide-angle lens;  [Read More…]

Mango Case Is Like A Pair Of House Slippers For Your iPhone 5

Go on… Stuff your fingers in there.

Take a look at this iPhone case that turns your svelte, pocket-friendly computer into a big, bloated plastic boat. You might scoff. I did. But then I realized that at home I lay my iPhone on tables and tatamis ay more often than I carry it in my pocket. And I am constantly picking it up to check the web, or to play music and podcasts  [Read More…]