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It’s Halloween season, but prices of these two Monsters are anything but scary. With cavernous storage and solid state storage, these are two devices you can take with you free of the worry of a dying motor or a scratched disc. And at more than half off, they’re going for a price that can’t be […]

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Quality of design, comfort, functionality, and convenience. Those are the qualities that music afionados look for in a pair of wireless earbuds. Don’t just listen to your music; immserse yourself in it with a pair of Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds… Read more ›

Look totally fashionable while getting superior sound quality with a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. You could win your own pair of Studio Beats with The Beats by Dre Giveaway, which is open to all Cult of Mac Deals… Read more ›

There isn’t a much sadder sight in the modern urban landscape than a pair of friends walking together, both isolated by their own music playing on their own headphones. Why even bother meeting your friend i all you’re going to do is ignore each other?

Now, it gets a little better – and quite a lot cuter – when those friends share one pair of earbuds, maybe to listen to the same piece  [Read More…]

Microscope-like macro lenses are super neat — and not just because they let you see the little hairs on a ladybug’s leg. No, macro lenses can show you a whole new world. Or macro lenses can spark (or rekindle) a love affair with photography. Heck, at the very least, they’re good for hours of amusement.

There’s no shortage of macro lenses for the iPhone: There’s the high-end Olloclip, which also comes with a fisheye and a wide-angle lens; then there’s  [Read More…]

Go on… Stuff your fingers in there.

Take a look at this iPhone case that turns your svelte, pocket-friendly computer into a big, bloated plastic boat. You might scoff. I did. But then I realized that at home I lay my iPhone on tables and tatamis ay more often than I carry it in my pocket. And I am constantly picking it up to check the web, or to play music and podcasts  [Read More…]

“Man, I really wish I had an iPhone 5-sized pocket in my pants!”

If you’ve ever thought that before, then you’re in luck. The appropriately named “WTFJeans” is now selling denim that has been specifically designed to cradle Apple’s newest smartphone and protect your manly parts at the same time.

This Italian denim not only includes two iPhone 5 pockets, but also two hidden USB stick holders. Now you can be the  [Read More…]

Look, it’s the day before Thanksgiving, it’s a slow news day, whatever. Here’s a baby squirrel eating a pair of Apple earbuds in the cutest way possible. You’re welcome.


As of next week, when Apple starts shipping the iPhone 5, the standard earbuds supplied with its portable devices will be superseded by the new EarPods. From the outside, these look a lot like the iconic white buds they replace. But yank them out of your ear and you’ll see that the design is quite unlike any earbuds you’ve ever seen.

The product blurb tells us that they’re resistant to sweat, and that they sound as  [Read More…]

Denim never looked better.

Discovering great headphones from a company that specializes in making bags was surprisng at first, when we reviewed Incase’s Sonic headphones late last year. A month later we were less stunned when we grunted in approval at their Capsule in-ear ‘phones during our budget(ish) canalphone shootout.

This time around we got to play with a new denim-clad version of the on-the-ear Incase Reflex headphones ($ 80) — which  [Read More…]