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Leaked iPhone 6s front panel looks awfully familiar

The iPhone 6s is likely to be revealed within the next two months, which means the leaks are starting to flow out of the supply chain like toxic fumes pummeling out of Foxconn factories. We got our first look at…Read more ›

J.J. Abrams rocks on Apple Watch for Star Wars Celebration panel

Being pals with Jony Ive definitely has its benefits. Just ask J.J. Abrams, the director of the upcoming Star Wars movie. At a panel for The Force Awakens during the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, Abrams showed up wearing an Apple Watch. It looks…Read more ›

Show a Preview Panel in Every Finder Window of Mac OS X

The Column view of the OS X Finder has long been popular with users who like to see a preview of what image or document they are selecting in the Finder. Of course, the problem with that preview panel is that up until OS X Yosemite, it was limited to the Column view, and if … Read More

How to Hide Twitter & Facebook Buttons from Sharing Panel in iOS 8

If you’re like many other iPhone and iPad users, when you go to share a picture from your iOS device, you’re probably going to send it through Messages or Mail, and you’re not trying to go about posting it to Twitter or Facebook. Nonetheless, those Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons sit there in every iOS … Read More

PopKey replaces your iOS 8 keyboard with a GIF control panel

GIFs are one of the finest gifts god has given the internet. I can’t get enough of them. And once iOS 8 drops it’s going to be easier than ever to have non-stop reaction GIF conversations with friends thanks to…Read more ›

New photos highlight front panel of 4.7-inch iPhone 6

Another day, another apparent leak of the forthcoming iPhone 6, expected to be unveiled by Apple on September 9. The photos appeared on the Taiwanese website AppleClub, and look to show the exterior and interior of the 4.7-inch iPhone’s front…Read more ›

Touch panel and chassis problems may delay both 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6

While the world is eagerly awaiting Apple’s next generation iPhone 6, a new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models Apple is expected to release may be pushed back due to production…Read more ›

New scratch test shows that iPhone 6 panel may not be pure sapphire after all

Could it be that the much-anticipated sapphire displays for the upcoming iPhone 6 isn’t actually sapphire at all? Sort of, according to a new video posted by YouTuber Marques Brownlee. Brownlee made waves a few weeks back when he apparently…Read more ›

iPhone 6 backlight panel gets leaked on Weibo

A set of images of the iPhone 6′s alleged backlight panel have been leaked on the Chinese site Weibo this morning. User “顾Gooey” who posted the pictures claims they’re fit for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that Apple is rumored to release…Read more ›

Leaked iPad Air 2 Panel Shows Apple Switching To Integrated LCDs

iPhone 6 component leaks have begun erupting up like wildfires the past week, setting the web ablaze with promises of a bigger iPhone, but according to some new leaked photos Apple is also tweaking the design of the iPad Air…Read more ›