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Clever app turns iPhone 6 charger into hands-free panorama machine

When Tim Cook unveiled the gorgeously curved edges of the iPhone 6, I thought apps that use the iPhone 5/5s’ flat edges to create hands-free 360° panoramic photos and video, would quickly sink into the App Store abyss, but the… Read more ›

‘GyroScan’ Laughs At Your Piddling Panorama

GyroScan is a little intimidating. It works a lot like the panorama function on your iPhone’s camera, but you can capture a complete 360-degree image either horizontally or vertically by spinning in a circle or rotating your phone up or… Read more ›     

Use A Panorama As Your Lock Screen, Wallpaper, Or Both In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Panorama WallpaperFile this one under super cool! In previous incarnations of iOS, you’ve always been able to set a photo from your camera roll as the image that shows up on your iPhone or iPad screen. You can place one image on your lock screen, and one as your wallpaper, or the same image on both […]

The post Use A Panorama As Your Lock Screen, Wallpaper, Or Both In iOS  [Read More…]

Panorama Sharing Service PanoPerfect Adds iPad App And Web Version

Back in November, we reviewed PanoPerfect, an iPhone app that let you easily share panoramas right from your phone. Today, the developers behind PanoPerfect, HalfPeeled LLC, released an all new iPad version of PanoPerfect, along with a web client.

In addition to the iPad and web apps, the original iPhone application has also been cleaned up, with a complete UI redesign, new notifications tab, and a ton of other bug fixes.  [Read More…]

The LG Optimus G Pro Puts The iPhone’s Panorama To Shame [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.51.23 AM

The latest commercial for the Optimus G Pro starts as a homage to Apple’s iPhone 5 ad, “Cheese!”, which famously advertised iOS 6′s Panorama functionality.

Man, though, does LG one-up Apple in this advertisement, not only showing how the Optimus G Pro can create a 180 degree panorama of a scene… you can actually use the camera to stitch together a full 360 panorama as well, which  [Read More…]

Autostitch Panorama Gets New, Roomier iPad Version

The excellent Autostitch Panorama app is now available for the iPad, and it is as fantastic as ever. Unlike Apple’s own implementation of iOS panoramas on the iPhone 5, the Autostitch app does things the old-fashioned way, quilting together a patchwork of separate images.

This has some advantages.

Panorama for iPad lets you shoot a panorama direct to the app, or import already-shot photos, even those from regular digital cameras. This means that you aren’t limited  [Read More…]

Switch Direction When Taking Panorama Photos with iPhone

Switch panorama camera direction

Panorama Mode on the iPhone is easily one of the better features of the devices camera, and it makes taking incredible panoramic images easier than ever. The camera defaults to taking pictures from left to right, but there are times where you’ll want to take a picture from right to left instead, and doing so is just a matter of tapping the screen:

Open Panorama as usual by tapping  [Read More…]

Shoot Vertical Panorama Photos on iPhone

Vertical panorama on iPhone

The iPhone’s excellent panorama mode allows for easy vertical panoramic shots as well, perfect for taking pictures of tall trees, waterfalls, buildings, or anything else that is taller than the standard range provides. To shoot a vertical panoramic picture, all you need to do is open Panorama as usual, then rotate the iPhone sideways:

Open Camera, then tap “Options” and select “Panorama” Once in Panorama, simply rotate iPhone  [Read More…]

Conan O’Brien: The iPhone 5′s Best Feature? Capturing Your Penis In Panorama [Video]

Conan O’Brien loves to do bits on the latest Apple product, and the latest iPhone 5 feature to become the fodder for laughs is the new Panorama feature, which Chris Parnell & Deon Cole says is the perfect photographic equipment for the well-endowed male. While Deon Cole’s delivery is perfect, it’s Chris Parnell’s matter-of-fact dissection of the joke — “that Deon is implying that his penis is too large to be capture in a normal camera aspect ratio’s field of  [Read More…]

How to Use the Panorama Camera to Take Amazing Panoramic Pictures with iPhone

Panorama photo taken from iPhone 5 small

The Panorama camera is one of the better features of iOS 6, it makes taking incredible high-quality panoramic pictures ridiculously easy without adding any additional apps to your iPhone. The feature is currently limited to iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users, and if you haven’t used it yet here’s what you’ll want to do:

Using the Panoramic Camera on iPhone Open Camera (from the lock  [Read More…]