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Flip off meter maids with AwareCar, an app for better parking

If you have trouble finding your car in a busy garage, or always find yourself coming back to a lapsed parking meter and a ticket stuck under your windshield wiper, you’re in luck. A new Bluetooth sensor, in combination with an iPhone app, can make losing your car and racking up fines a thing of […][Read More…]

Apple Pay could soon pay for parking tickets in NYC

New York residents may soon be able to pay their collective 8-10 million annual parking tickets using Apple Pay, according to a new report from MarketWatch. Currently parking tickets can be paid online (with a 2.5% charge), via mail, on…Read more ›

This app will guide you to parking — and may get you a ticket, too

SAN FRANCISCO — A parking app that reliably helps find open spots in this congested city was coded on a turn-of-the-century tugboat in Sausalito. The Terrapin served David LaBua as a coding den for VoicePark, a free app that uses sensors…Read more ›

Disruptive Parking Apps Back Off

SAN FRANCISCO — You can buy and sell a lot of things in this boom town, just not public parking spaces. All three parking apps called out by the city attorney for auctioning or selling public spaces have backed off. City Attorney…Read more ›

Parking app under fire pleads its case to San Francisco officials

SAN FRANCISCO — When they learned they were next in line for a cease-and-desist letter from the City Attorney, three young entrepreneurs made haste to City Hall to salvage their dream of making circling the block for parking a thing…Read more ›

Road testing San Francisco’s ‘predatory’ parking apps

SAN FRANCISCO — In a city obsessed with parking, app developers who came up with disruptive ideas to turn vacant spots into cash found their apps targeted by local officials. But the crackdown might be necessary: So far, the sharing…Read more ›

Cupertino Campus Spaceship Proposal Updated With Bike And Pedestrian Paths, Parking

More bike lanes and parking here.

More bike lanes and parking here.

Apple submitted a new proposal, dubbed Submittal 6, for it’s super futuristic circular spaceship campus in Cupertino. The revision includes new details like bike and pedestrian paths, enhancements to street areas, and parking spaces for the huge project, which is behind schedule and $ 2 billion over budget. The current move-in estimate is in the summer of 2016, a date  [Read More…]

Download MyPark App To Find Your Car In A Crowded Parking

Are you bored with seeking your car in over crowded parking. We face this trouble every day. Don’t worry now your iPhone will help you to locate your car with myPark app for iPhone that will help you to track location of your car. Simply start myPark, tap the car icon and start walking. The app will track your movements from your car to work, you next appointment or  [Read More…]

Why You Should Never Buy an iPad in a McDonalds Parking Lot [Scams]

McDonalds. One goes there for burgers, french fries, and occasionally a tasty McFlurry. One should not go there to buy an iPad, however. A young woman has learned that lesson the hard way. Matt Burns of TechCrunch: Per a police report, Ms. Ashley McDowell, age 22, was approached by two black males in a McDonalds parking offering to sell her an iPad for $ 300. They said they purchased said devices  [Read More…]