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Disney officially bans selfie sticks from theme parks

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Walt Disney’s wonderfully whimsical theme parks this year, make sure to leave your selfie stick at home. Disney announced this morning that it’s placing a ban on all selfie sticks starting next…Read more ›

Jurassic Parks and Recreation has Chris Pratt-falling with dinos

When we first saw the new Jurassic World trailers, we were stunned and excited. Then, after it sunk in that the actor that plays doofus Andy Dwyer on NBC’s hilarious Parks and Recreation would be fighting dinosaurs, we sort of…Read more ›

Boston parks will soon let you charge your iPhone from solar-powered benches

The park: a place to jog, soak up the sun, and… charge your iPhone? From next week visitors at select parks in the Boston area will be able to charge their mobile devices at special solar-powered benches, dubbed “Soofas.” “Soofa…Read more ›

First Airlines, And Now Theme Parks Preparing To Support Passbook In iOS 6


Multiple airlines have already announced plans to support Apple’s digital wallet service called Passbook, and now more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Accessco,a leading provider for attraction ticketing, will start rolling out support for the Passbook iOS 6 app in the coming weeks. This means thatCedar Fair Entertainment U.S. theme parks (Cedar Point, Kings Island, etc.) and attractions like theColumbus Zoo will work with Passbook on the iPhone.

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