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Everyone is talking about vast open world hacker game Watch Dogs since its release earlier this week, and that’s means one inevitable thing: it was only going to be so long before the parodies started rolling in. This Machinima.com parody of… Read more ›

Do you work in tech? Then why are you wasting your time on a blog, rather than doing what you should be doing: coming up with “fresh” new ways to parody Apple. To prove that it is one of the… Read more ›

The Apple parody video fad has been a bit played out the past couple years, but Microsoft thinks its got the comedic chops to take on the iPhone 5c and convince you to switch over to its struggling line of Windows Phones. The company’s WindowsPhone channel on YouTube just released a parody video depicting two stumped […]

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The Real Truth Behind The iPhone 5S [Parody]

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 3.38.07 PMOne of the downsides of being the world’s most successful company is that you’re the target of a ton of parody ads. Or is that the upside? YouTube parody video creator, Matthias, has come up with a great one this time. Here’s the latest from the video creators: “Introducing the iPhone 5S.” Our favorite quotes? […]

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I’m an avid Instragammer. And yes, I even take pictures of food, and clouds and all that stupid stuff. It’s horrible. It’s a bad habit. I need to stop. But I can’t. Maybe if the most loathed band in the world would just make a song about how awesome Instagram is then I’d be motivated to kick the habit.

Nickelback still hasn’t worked Instagram into the lyrics of their next mega-album, but CollegeHumor just created the perfect Nickelback video that  [Read More...]

If you thought you had seen your last Apple Maps parody, think again. Mad Magazine, a purveyor of satire, has joined in on the fun with its latest parody of The New Yorker featuring Apple Maps. It’s starting to look like Mapgate will remain a staple of satire much longer than the once hilarious Antennagate saga.

The original New Yorker Cover was a parody of how those in the Big Apple saw  [Read More...]

While there are countless little-known videos on YouTube that are well worth a watch for any Apple fan, this Ghostbusters parody has to be one of the best. The clip was filmed for an International Sales Meeting held in 1984 and it sees a team called the “Blue Busters” free the world from IBM PCs and replace them with the Macintosh. Of course, IBM — a company often referred to as the “Big Blue” — was Apple’s biggest rival at  [Read More...]