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One of Apple’s supply chain iPhone manufacturers is under fire for unsafe and illegal labor practices — and for once it’s not Foxconn. This time the company is Pegatron, which worker rights group China Labor Watch says has not cleaned up its act, despite Apple claiming that it would investigate it back in 2013 after 86 labour rights violations […]

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Nordstrom may be only retail partner for Apple Watch

One of the biggest unknowns about the Apple Watch — and something we’re hopefully just an hour away from learning — is just how Apple plans to sell its first ever wearables device. Is the Apple Watch going to be… Read more ›

Things aren’t going well for IBM. The six-month-old Apple partner is reportedly preparing for the largest corporate layoff in history. After nearly three years of quarterly revenue decline, IBM is preparing to axe a staggering 111,800 employees. How the layoffs will… Read more ›

Apple’s insistence on secretive behavior is well known. When it came to entering mobile payments with Apple Pay, that veil of secrecy didn’t drop for a second — with Apple insisting on some pretty stringent security measures, despite dealing with… Read more ›

The iPhone 6 is gearing up to replace your wallet and as part of the initiative to get its upcoming mobile payments system off to a head start, Apple is reportedly in talks with Nordstrom regarding a potential payments partnership.… Read more ›

Long-time rivals Apple and IBM partnered up this week to work together on enterprise software, but what does this mean for Siri? If Apple’s trusty voice assistant gets together with IBM’s extremely intelligent A.I. Watson, it could be a beautiful… Read more ›

itunesradioApple’s Pandora-like competitor, iTunes Radio, is gearing up for a Fall launch, but before Apple can stream songs to iOS devices across the U.S. for free, it’s got to find someone to help pay for it all, so it’s recruited some of the biggest brands in world to supply it with ads. The list of […]

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Samsung Blames Korean PR Partner For Developer Bribes

facepalm_bear_2-1920x1200Samsung has admitted that a Korean PR agency did offer money to app developers to promote a competition on the popular developer question and answer website Stack Overflow. The electronics giant insists that this is “clearly against” its cooperate policy, and says that it cancelled the plan as soon as it was made aware of […]

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PlantsVSZombies-freeIf you had to guess which of EA’s retail partners made it the most cash last quarter, you’d probably say Best Buy, GameStop, or another game store. But you’d be wrong. EA’s biggest partner last quarter was actually Apple, which helped it reach $90 million in sales on smartphones and tablets. “Our quarter was notable […]

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Guys, gals, ladies, gentlemen! In order to keep that special someone in your life, you’ve got to work on your relationship. I know! It’s Scary! However, there are many iPhone apps out there to point you in the right direction. So, while cooking the perfect meal, dressing well, and bathing regularly are important, if you’re a selfish jerk on the inside, it won’t matter.

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