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Audi’s driverless supercar films passengers’ delight and terror

Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of the self-driving car so it can save you from the stress and possible injury caused by people who swerve around in the streets like maniacs? Or do you hate the idea of a…Read more ›

Stalk the passengers on your next flight with this creepy app

Have you ever wished for an app that lets you know exactly who you’ll be sitting next to on a flight — right down to perusing your would-be neighbor’s Facebook profile to see what you have in common? A new…Read more ›

Uber Adds Fare Splitting Between Passengers To Make Rides More Affordable

3phonecomp2Uber is a popular car service that is on a mission to make taxis obsolete. It pioneered the idea of using your smartphone to summon and pay for a car, and now Uber has expanded to 35 cities and 14 countries. Today Uber added a long-awaited feature. You can now split fares between multiple passengers […]

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Easyjet Adds Passbook Support For Penny-Pinching Passengers

UK low-cost airline Easyjet – referred to by some Brits as "sleazyjet" – has brought Passbook support to its mobile app. Now you can not only shop for flights with the app, you can check in and have the boarding pass sent to your iPhone’s Passbook app.

I used Passbook for the first time the other day (compatible services aren’t very numerous here in Spain, but the service I used to buy  [Read More…]

Smoking iPhone 4 Frightens Passengers on Airplane

Apparently, an overheating, smoking, and slightly glowing iPhone 4 was enough to frighten the pants off of passengers on an Australian regional airline late last week, we’re just now discovering. Passengers on board the Regional Express (REX) say the flight crew had to extinguish a glowing red iPhone 4 that was the source of a creepy “dense smoke.” Presumably, some on board thought the iPhone was an explosion risk or perhaps a bomb scare. But  [Read More…]

Find My iPhone Is Helping The Navy Find A Plane Crash In Chile! [Update: Found, All Passengers Dead]

The Find My iPhone feature that Apple offers for free to users packing iPhones is helping the Navy to locate the wreckage of a plane that crashed just off the island of Robinson Crusoe in Chile. Rescue teams have yet been able to locate the plane since it went down, but thanks to Apples service, they are now one step closer.   The plane crashed after attempting to make two landings,  [Read More…]

The iPhone is The Device of Choice For Airline Passengers [Report]

iPhone rolling shutter effect by PixelCrumpler http://bit.ly/pEEDTe

If youre a member of the Mile High Club, chances are that you own an iPhone. A new report from AllThingsD says that two-thirds of Gogo in-flight WiFi users favor the iPhone as their browsing device of choice. 20% of mobile WiFi usage is attributed to the iPod touch, while Android only accounts for 12%. RIMs Blackberry accounts for only 6% of airline  [Read More…]