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Heartbleed Bug: How To Update All Your Passwords In Just 10 Minutes

By now you’ve heard all about the catastrophic Heartbleed bug and how it has siphoned passwords, credit card numbers, emails and other data to the vampires who would drain all of us dry. From your love life (OKCupid) to your…Read more ›

Change Your Passwords For These 15 Heartbleed-Vulnerable Sites ASAP

Heartbleed sent the web reeling with the discovery that the catastrophic security hole quietly left passwords and other private data open for the taking on nearly 66% of the Internet’s servers.  Luckily for Apple customers, iOS and OS X were…Read more ›

Why Heartbleed Shouldn’t Make You Rush To Change Passwords … Yet

The discovery of the Heartbleed security bug sent the web into a panic with it’s devastating OpenSSL vulnerability. On a scale of 1 to 10 of Internet catastrophes this one goes all the way to 11, according to respected security…Read more ›

Google’s New Company Replaces Passwords With Sound. Let’s Make Some Noise!

  Google bought a tiny Israeli startup today called SlickLogin. The three-person, two-month-old company has an interesting technology that replaces passwords. The terms were not disclosed. The acquisition is a tiny victory for people who believe in sound as a…Read more ›    [Read More…]

mSecure: Never Forget Your Passwords Again [Deals]

A good, strong password may be the only thing standing between your identity and some cyber criminal lurking in the shadows of the web. With mSecure you can be sure your information is 100% safe from hackers and identity thieves.…Read more ›    

Generate Secure Passwords in Safari with iCloud Keychain in Mac OS X

iCloud Keychain iCloud Keychain is a password management feature that arrived to the Mac with OS X Mavericks, and to the mobile Apple world with iOS 7. Basically it stores encrypted passwords securely within iCloud, which can then be accessed securely through your Mac or iOS device, allowing you to never have to enter a password again. That’s convenient enough, but another great feature is iCloud Keychains ability to randomly generate secure  [Read More…]

Find Forgotten Passwords With Keychain Access [OS X Tips]

If you store your user name and password details via the Keychain in OS X, you know that Keychain makes it a lot easier to do so. You can store login details for all those websites you visit, including banking…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Google Chrome For Mac Makes Saved Passwords More Secure

Google has tightened security inside the latest Chromium build for Mac, blocking access to all of your saved passwords until you’ve provided your system password. Under previous releases, users simply had to enter a special address to access all of…Read more ›

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Apple’s Own Hotspot Passwords In iOS Can Be Cracked In Under A Minute


When you set up a personal hotspot on your iOS device, the first thing you should do is delete the password Apple generates for your and enter your own. Researchers at the University of Erlangen in Germany have discovered a way to crack Apple’s hotspot passwords in under a minute, leaving your iOS device vulnerable to attack.

Apple automatically generates a hotspot password on your iOS device, mainly for convenience, and sometimes  [Read More…]

Generate Random Passwords on the iPhone with Siri

Siri The next time you need a new randomly generated strong password, pull out an iPhone and ask Siri. Yes, the voice assistant that lives in iOS. You won’t find this trick in Siri’s own listing of commands list, but it’s a piece of cake to use and quite powerful.

There are tons of examples where this is useful, but many will find this particularly helpful when you are at  [Read More…]