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Apple’s iBeacon tech has been a boon for retail stores looking to advertise deals to customers on a per-location basis, but according to the a new report, retail is only smallest market iBeacons have tapped into. In five years a… Read more ›

The competition between iOS and Android is coming to your car. The recently announced Android Auto is Google’s answer to Apple’s CarPlay, and the two platforms offer similar features, with each promising to seamlessly connect smartphones to automobiles’ in-dash monitors.… Read more ›

Maybe you’ve just seen the latest X-Men film. A lot of people have, so odds are pretty good. And if it left you wanting to know more about the original Days of Future Past storyline, but tracking down the trade… Read more ›

The iPhone’s lock screen has a long history of not being the most secure passageway onto your device. It’s been a while since a bug has let would-be attackers circumvent the passcode, but a new exploit has been discovered in… Read more ›

CNBC has named Steve Jobs the most influential person of the last 25 years. On a list entitled “First 25: Rebels, Icons & Leaders,” Jobs ranks above the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet — along with the founders… Read more ›

We’ve been using the Do Not Disturb function on our iPhones since iOS 6, really, as the feature really helps us have some down time. You can schedule or enable the feature for easy access, keeping those pesky calls, messages,… Read more ›

Amazon Surges Past Apple In Streaming Video Stats

Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service is on fire in the United States — and that growth happened before Amazon even introduced its $ 99 Fire TV set-top box. According to a new report from online-video delivery and caching solutions provider Qwilt,… Read more ›

Tim Cook has acknowledged that Apple has bought back $ 14 billion of its own shares over the past two weeks — reacting to an 8 percent decline in shares following the recent financial quarter results. In an interview with the Wall… Read more ›     

I’ve applied dozens of screen protectors to my iPhones over the years, and I’d say less than 10% of them actually went on straight. They almost always go on wonky first time, and that means pulling them away and applying them again. ALIN by TYLT Category: Screen Protectors Works With: iPhone 5/5s Price: $25 Fortunately, […]

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Vine User Base Ramps Past 40 Million

Twitter’s video sharing app, Vine, has been overshadowed by the addition of video to Instagram, but that hasn’t stopped millions of people from signing up for Vine. Vine announced this afternoon that it just hit 40 million registered users today – a huge jump from the 13 million users it announced in June. The launch of […]

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