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Apple’s new patent could supercharge Touch ID

Apple filed a patent application today that could someday help you use Touch ID to run everything on your iPhone or iPad without covering the screen with your fat digits. The application (Patent #US2015/0135108, if you’re into the numbers thing)…Read more ›

Apple’s collaborative search patent makes it easy to check in with friends

You can add all the high-tech features you want, but ultimately one of the best ways to make people buy gadgets is to ensure that the devices are the same ones already used by their friends. That’s the concept behind…Read more ›

Face-Cook, Ive-Space, or Schi-tter? Apple patent hints at new social network

Apple could introduce its own iOS-exclusive social network, according to a patent application published today. Described broadly as “Lifestyle-Based Social Groups,” the application may be used to set up real-world childcare groups, lift-sharing, dining clubs etc., by automatically determining your interests…Read more ›

Apple patent explains how USB-C will make every other connector obsolete

Apple still hasn’t owned up to inventing USB-C, the brand new connector featured on its 12-inch MacBook — but Apple patents have all but tied the technology to Cupertino. The latest describes how a do-it-all connector that fits USB-C’s description…Read more ›

Apple patent hints at the amazing future of Force Touch

The Force Touch technology seen in the Apple Watch and new MacBook is pretty great and all, but imagine being able to go further than the relatively simple haptic feedback Apple currently offers — by having your future Mac trackpad…Read more ›

Apple patent puts a twist on facial recognition unlocking

Apple is looking to up its selfie game in a new patent awarded to the company by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices today. The new patent would allow iPhone and iPad users to unlock their devices by simply…Read more ›

Apple defeats patent trolls in courtroom combat

Chalk one up for Cupertino! A federal jury in Texas (where else?) said on Monday that Apple didn’t infringe on five wireless tech patents belonging to the patent licensing company Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc. The verdict comes as a relief,…Read more ›

Apple ordered to feed patent troll $533 million

Apple has been ordered to shell out $ 532.9 million to a patent troll after apparently infringing on intellectual property with iTunes features related to data storage and managing access through payment systems. The fee was awarded by a Texas court, and was positioned between…Read more ›

Apple and Ericsson battle it out over patent royalties

Ericsson’s former CEO has gone on the record as saying his company should have taken the iPhone more seriously when it arrived back in 2007. Today, everyone takes the iPhone seriously — and there are the lawsuits to prove it.…Read more ›

Apple wins camera patent that sends GoPro stock tumbling

Shares of GoPro stock plummeted as much as 15% this afternoon after it was announced that Apple was awarded a patent that could put the wearable camera company in serious trouble. Apple was granted a series of 34 patents by…Read more ›