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Apple could be about to buy social networking app Path

Apple and Path are close to a reaching a buyout agreement, according to a new report from PandoDaily. The social network app would likely be built into Apple Messages to some degree, although details remain unknown. According to a single…Read more ›

How to Add a New Path to PATH the Right Way at Command Line

The user path is the series of directories that command line programs are searched in order to run. For example, if you type ‘iostat’ into the terminal, then iostat will be run from /usr/sbin because “/usr/sbin” is part of your $ PATH. Accordingly, users who frequently use the command line may need to adjust or add … Read More

Storm Caster sets you on path to adventure with a few cards, lots of magic

I’m a bit of a sucker for anything remotely magical, and I love the idea of blasting spells around to save the world. If you’re also excited by that, and love hordes of monsters too, then Storm Casters will be…Read more ›

Copy the Current Path from Terminal to the Clipboard in Mac OS X

While it’s fairly easy to copy a folder path from the Mac GUI and Finder, or even to copy the path into the Terminal with a drag & drop trick, going the other direction and getting the current path from the command line and then having it accessible to the broader OS X clipboard is … Read More

Get Path Finder and Fantastical with The Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle [Deals]

The weather is getting warmer, the shorts are coming out of the dresser drawers, and the swimming pools are opening up. That can only mean one thing: summer is upon us! Cult of Mac Deals isn’t about to let that…Read more ›

Spotlight Potential: See The Full File Path Of Found Documents [OS X Tips]

Spotlight is crazy useful to find stuff on your Mac. Just hit Command-Space on your keyboard and type in the name of files, words from in text files, the kind of document you want, or even the date when you…Read more ›

Path Lays-Off 20% Of Staff To “Realign” Company For Path 4.0

Path — the mobile only social network that I don’t understand, no one at Cult of Mac uses, and which recently started selling stickers to support itself — has laid off 13 staff members, or 20% of its total staff,…Read more ›

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Find The Directory Path Of Documents (Or Rename Them) With Proxy Icons [OS X Tips]

Proxy IconsThe OS X Finder is an amazing thing, letting you create folder within folder, duplicate files, find your documents, and generally get stuff done. More and more, the Finder features are being integrated across all apps and documents on your Mac. Case in point is the ability to find the directory path of a document […]

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3 Tricks to Quickly Copy a File or Folder Path in Mac OS X

There are a few ways to retrieve a file or folders full path from Mac OS X, and we’ll cover the two easiest methods here, and also a third option that utilizes a Service to instantly copy any path to the clipboard. First, we’ll use the Get Info panel to pull any items complete path, and then we’ll use another trick that utilizes an under appreciated feature of the Terminal to retrieve any directory or files path. The optional Automator  [Read More…]

Social Networking App Path Makes Things A Bit More Private With New Update

Path Update

Path is a social network for our more private groups of friends and family, distinguishing itself from services like Facebook and Twitter in two ways. One, it’s not on any website, as it’s only accessible from your iPhone or iPad. Two, while it can be connected to those services, it does not have to, allowing you to keep things as private as you’d like, depending on the number of people  [Read More…]