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Kindness company tries to sell you on paying it forward

When a man in Australia created a service where you could pay him to send glitter bombs to unsuspecting enemies, his story went viral and a crushing number of requests shut down his website. Jesse Weinberg wonders if what worked for vengeance might also work with kindness. Weinberg’s Kindness & Co. will send you a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Court rejects Samsung’s latest appeal to get out of paying Apple damages

The U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to give a second look to Samsung’s appeal of the original jury verdict saying that it violated Apple’s patents for the iPhone. Samsung was aiming to get the court to reconsider $ 400 million out of the $ 584 million that it was deemed the South Korean tech […][Read More…]

Here’s how much you’ll be paying to protect your Watch with AppleCare+

The Apple Watch is now available for pre-orders, and with it Apple has revealed a few more details about the cost of its AppleCare+ service for the wearables — ranging from $ 49 for the cheapest option all the way up…Read more ›

Your Uber could be paying for others to ride

Your Uber account is handy for catching a ride. It may also be handy for someone else to get around town on your dime. Stolen Uber customer accounts have turned up for sale on the dark web for as little…Read more ›

Spotify now has 60 million active listeners, and 15 million are paying

Spotify now has a whopping 60 million active listeners, 15 million of which are paying for a Spotify Premium subscription, the European company confirmed today. Spotify has added around 2.5 million paying subscribers in just two months — and that’s…Read more ›

How Apple avoids paying taxes on iTunes revenue

Apple’s tax tactics in Ireland have landed the company in Congress’ hot seat this year, but another European nation has also helped Apple wiggle its way out of paying massive taxes on its iTunes revenues. Apple reportedly took advantage of…Read more ›

More music lovers are paying for their tunes with in-app purchases

New figures released by app analytics firm App Annie show that mobile users are more likely than ever to pay for music services by way of in-app purchases. Looking at figures from August, streaming music offerings from Spotify, Pandora and…Read more ›

Microsoft sues Samsung for not paying up on IP use

One of the world’s top tech companies is suing Samsung for patent violations, only this time its not Apple. Microsoft announced this afternoon that it filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the U.S. District Court of Southern District of New…Read more ›

AT&T Is Paying Verizon $1.9 Billion To Acquire More 700 MHz Spectrum


We rarely think of frequency spectrums to be a finite resources, but some of the wireless carriers in the U.S. are already bumping into their limits. Spectrum issues can lead to a network slowdown, like the one we saw last summer, and the only way to get more is to buy it.

To beef up their network, AT&T announced today that they have agreed to acquire spectrum in the 700 MHz  [Read More…]

Verizon Catches Dev Paying Chinese Workers To Do His Job So He Can Browse The Web


Verizon Wireless has helped a critical infrastructure company based in the United States catch one of its developers paying Chinese workers to do his job so that he could browse the Internet all day. “Bob” outsourced all of his work to China and paid the workers just a fraction of his six-figure salary so that he could spend his time on sites like Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, and eBay.

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