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Pebble’s new smartwatch is Round and super slim

Pebble’s latest smartwatch forgot it’s hip to be square. The Pebble Time Round has a circular display that hopes to appeal to traditional watch wearers, and compete round rivals like the Moto 360 and Samsung’s upcoming Gear S2. Its all-metal design is also the thinnest and lightest Pebble has crafted to date. Despite that slender form factor, […]

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Pebble’s Apple Watch competitor is the most funded Kickstarter ever

Pebble gave its Kickstarter project an extra bump this morning with the new Pebble Time Steel model that just pushed the project over the mark to become the most funded Kickstarter project ever. Pebble Time project has raked in $ 13,617,054,…Read more ›

Pebble Time Steel is the more attractive sibling to Pebble’s new smartwatch

This time last week, Pebble announced Pebble Time, its brand new smartwatch for 2015. And if you’ve already backed that thinking it would keep you going until a more extravagant successor to the Pebble Steel came along, you’re going to…Read more ›

Pebble’s Latest iOS Update Unbricks The Smartwatch

When Pebble’s last iOS update essentially bricked the smart watch, leaving it capable of only (shock horror) telling the time, we knew that something needed to be done in a hurry. Fortunately Pebble realized that too, since the company has…Read more ›    [Read More…]

What Delay? Pebble’s iOS App Is Available Now, Android Version Coming Later Today


The first batch of Pebble smartwatches began shipping on Wednesday, nine months after the device broke Kickstarter records by securing more than $ 10 million in funding. Reports had suggested, however, that the accompanying Pebble iOS app would be delayed due to Apple’s approval process — but it just appeared in the App Store.

Without the accompanying mobile app, the Pebble loses a number of key features and it’s nowhere near  [Read More…]