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Baron Fig’s Amazing Confidant Notebook On Sale At Last, And Worth Every Penny

The Baron Fig Confidant notebook started out on Kickstarter, and is today available to buy for just $ 16 – $ 4 less than the original price. I have one here on the desk, laying open at a fresh two-page spread without…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple’s iPhone 5s Case May Be Pricey, But It’s Worth Every Penny [Review]

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 21.55.52While we knew almost everything there was to know about the iPhone 5s prior to its official unveiling last week, I don’t think anybody expected Apple to announce a fancy new case to go with it. PRODUCT by Apple Category: Cases Works With: iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s Price: $39.95 The Cupertino company has released […]

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Making Sense Out Of The Penny Arcade Expo – Apple Gaming Is Alive And Well [PAX 2013]

iPad ControlsSEATTLE, PAX 2013 – As I sit here on the 10th floor of Seattle’s public library, I’m trying to make some sense of the last four days of gaming conference, the Penny Arcade Expo. It’s not like gaming is as important as, say, the current crisis in Syria, or attempts to fight poverty and homelessness, […]

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Penny Arcade & Other Playdek Games For iOS Down To Just $0.99 This Weekend


Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil and other iOS games from Playdek have been reduced to just $ 0.99 this weekend. The popular card game only hit the App Store a month ago, and this reduction sees $ 4 off its regular price tag. Check out our list of other titles in the sale below.

Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil — $ 4.99 → $ 0.99 Fluxx — $ 2.99 → $  [Read More…]

Penny Arcade Deck-Building Card Game Launches On App Store Tomorrow

Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil is a deck-building card game published by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Today, the company announced that a stand alone iOS game app based on the deck-building game becomes available tomorrow, December 19. It features characters from the Penny Arcade comic, including Gabe and Tycho, and will launch at a $ 4.99 price point. The iOS game was developed by PlayDek Games.

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Whoops! Apple’s Website Claims The New iPad Is Thinner Than A Penny [Image]

Every time Apple introduces a new product they love to compare it to a common object that shows just how magically small it is. The MacBook Air fits inside an envelope. The iPod Classic is the size of a deck of cards. The iPad mini is thinner than a pencil. And the 4th generation iPad with Retina display is thinner than a penny! Wait, what?

A typo on Apple’s website says  [Read More…]

Tweetbot For Mac Is Premium Software And Worth Every Penny [Review]

Oopa Tweetbot style

Tweetbot just dropped on the Mac App Store today, and perhaps the most surprising thing about it is the price. At $ 20, it’s significantly more expensive than most social networking clients. The thing is, it’s important not to see the number and instantly start making comparisons. You need to look at the price and ask: does this app provide 20 dollars worth of value? Judge it by that  [Read More…]

Apples Approach To Cash: We Spend Our Money Like Its Our Last Penny

Apple has always been notoriously tight-fisted when it comes to spending. As the worlds most valuable technology company by a long shot, theres a ton of pressure on Apple to acquire competition and flaunt its $ 100 billion cash reserve. At the Goldman Sachs Conference today, Cook noted that Apple has spent billions on acquisitions,in the supply chain, retail, and company infrastructure. But yes, we still  [Read More…]

Penny Arcade iOS App Will Help You Discover Your Next Gaming Addiction

A new iOS app from Penny Arcade is set to hit the App Store next month with a mission to help you discover your next gaming addiction. Called the Decide-o-tron 8000, the app builds up a library of games based on what you like and what you dont, then uses its predictive technology to tell you what you should be playing next. In a blog post on the Decide-o-tronwebsite, Penny Arcades  [Read More…]

Apple Loses Top Retail Chief to JC Penney

Although executives aren’t exactly dropping like flies at Apple, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant has lost no shortage of top-shelf leaders in the last six months, the latest of which is Apple’s chief of retail operations, Ron Johnson. It was announced Tuesday that Johnson will be leaving Apple to become the new CEO of JC Penny. The loss for Apple, however, is profound, given that Johnson has served for the past 11 years as senior  [Read More…]