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Apple to help the Pentagon develop high-tech military wearables

Apple is one of several companies and organizations teaming up with the Pentagon to develop high-tech wearables for the U.S. military. The $ 171 million project will be the combined effort of 162 different companies, universities, and other groups — including Apple, Boeing, Harvard, and more. Collectively brought together under the name FlexTech Alliance, the goal […][Read More…]

Apple’s iOS Devices Receive Pentagon Approval


Apple’s iOS devices have today been cleared for use on United States military networks by the Defense Department, Bloomberg reports. The move comes after Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 and the latest devices from BlackBerry gained government clearance earlier this month.

The Defense Department said in a statement today that it has approved iOS devices — including the iPhone and the iPad — running Apple’s latest iOS 6 operating system. These will join the  [Read More…]

Military Networks Will Be Ready For iPad, iPhone Use In About Two Weeks, Says Pentagon


You may remember a post I wrote a while back about the Pentagon’s plan to get mobile devices working on military networks, and how we were able to ascertain that yes, they were working on testing iPhones and iPads and no, they were not planning on jettisoning support for Blackberry devices.

According to Spencer Ackerman at Wired today, iPads will finally have passed the rigorous security review set out by the  [Read More…]

U.S. Government To Let Samsung And Apple Phones Into The Pentagon [Report]


The U.S government has been warming up to consumer smartphones for some time. A couple months ago, the Pentagon announced that it will permit “the use of commercial products for classified communications for the first time.” Android handsets and iPhones are starting to be used in areas that previously didn’t offer security clearance.

In a world that has been ruled by Blackberry, the latest Samsung and Apple devices are about to be let  [Read More…]

The Pentagon Will Open Its Network To Apple And Google Devices In 2014


BlackBerry has been the preferred handheld for many of the U.S. Department of Defence’s employees because it’s got the security clearance to run on the Pentagon’s network. That might all change in 2014 though when Android and iOS join the party.

The U.S. Defense Department said today that it plans to open up its networks by February 2014 and allow 100,000 mobile phones and tablets from Apple and Google to use  [Read More…]

Pentagon Develops Stress Disorder Apps for Troops

The Pentagon and Veterans Affairs have developed a number of iPhone and iPad apps to help soldiers struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The latest one, PTSD Coach, offers a self-assessment test, step-by-step instructions in muscle relaxation and breathing as well as resources for support and suicide prevention. Others like Breathe2Relax , Tactical Breather and T2 MoodTracker are portable stress management tools offering breathing exercises and mood assessment.  [Read More…]