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How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X

If you have an iPhone X you may have noticed that the battery percentage indicator is not an option to enable in the device settings. This is probably because the prominent notch at the top of the screen, which houses the front facing camera and the phones ear speaker, does not allow for sufficient room … Read More

How to Show Battery Percentage Remaining Indicator on iPhone

A simple trick that can help manage iPhone battery life is to set the battery percentage remaining to be visible. This battery percentage indicator is off by default, and while that adds an element of simplicity to the status bar, the lonely battery icon isn’t particularly informative – to me, anyway. We’re going to change … Read More

Designer Announces Steve Jobs Tribute Desk, Gives Percentage Of Proceeds To Cancer Research

Kyle Buckner has been inspired by Steve Jobs his whole life, ultimately choosing a career in design due to the Apple founder’s influence.

Today, he announced a new tribute piece in honor of the first anniversary of Jobs’ passing: a specially designed desk, available in two colors from his website. The desks are a labor of love from Buckner that include a special Steve Jobs logo, designed specifically for this  [Read More…]

PowerSaver, Configure Your iDevice Via Battery Percentage

PowerSaver is a new tweak by Akhil Tolani that allows you to set your device up for certain actions when it reaches a specific battery percentage. PowerSaver is a new tweak byAkhil Tolanithat allows you to set your device up for certain actions when it reaches a specific battery percentage. Meet PowerSaver, the new way to keep your battery running as long as possible on an iDevice! This tweak allows you to set certain actions  [Read More…]

Change Battery Percentage Value with FakePercent

Upon looking at the header picture for this article, you may notice two big areas marked off in the screenshot. Each one is there to illustrate a point. The circle around the battery percentage is to show what the value is The circle in the middle of the lock screen is to show that my device is not plugged in and is not showing the battery percentage Without any prior knowledge, one would assume that  [Read More…]