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Eddy Cue: There was no reset period at Apple after Jobs’ death

Despite the fact that Steve Jobs didn’t want Apple to become a company in which people were constantly asking themselves “What Would Steve Do?” after his death, it was inevitable that people would compare Apple under Tim Cook to Apple…

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Do It Your Way – Set A Custom Delay Period To Unhide The Dock [OS X Tips]

Dock Unhide DelayI routinely hide the Dock on my Macbook Air, since it takes up a significant portion of my screen. While I use Alfred most of the time to launch apps and such, I still like to use the Dock; call it a hold over from the last ten years or so. Sometimes, though, when I […]

The post Do It Your Way – Set A Custom Delay Period To  [Read More…]

iPad Mini Suppliers Reduce Shipments As Quiet Period Approaches [Rumor]


AU Optronics, one of Apple’s display manufacturers for the iPad mini, is set to decrease its shipments from 4 million units in the first quarter of 2013 to between 2.5 and 2.8 million units in the second quarter, according to sources in the supply chain.

The move comes as we enter a traditionally quiet period for consumer spending.

Overall iPad mini shipments are expected to drop around 20% to 30% to around  [Read More…]

Automatically Log Out of a Mac After a Period of Inactivity

Automatic Log Out in Mac OS X Using the automatic log out feature is a good way to bring an additional layer of security to a Mac. It works just as you’d expect; after a predetermined amount of time has passed without activity, the active user account logs itself out. This means all currently running apps close out as well as all documents which save in their current state through the Versions  [Read More…]

Analyst Peter Misek Thinks Next Two Years Will Be Rough Period For Apple


Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is one of our favorite Apple analysts in the entire world. Mostly because his Apple predictions are usually horribly wrong.

After the disastrous Apple TV SDK Event rumor he created earlier in the month, Misek is back with a new note to Apple investors, and it’s not a happy one. According to Misek, Apple is about to face a very rough two-year period, and he might actually be right.

In  [Read More…]

AT&T Cuts Return & Cancellation Period In Half, Customers Now Only Have 14 Days To Decide

AT&T is once again hard at work trying to win that customer satisfaction award… said no AT&T board member ever. Those of you who have enjoyed having 30 days to decide whether or not your AT&T device or service is right for you, are going to have to cut your indecisiveness in half. Starting today, when you sign up for AT&T service or purchase a device on AT&T, you’ll have 14 days  [Read More…]

Why Straight Talk Might Just Be The Best Carrier For Your iPhone, Period. [Review]

Straight Talk is the real deal: fantastic coverage, blazing fast 3G speeds and no monthly contract.

Since I’m so excited, we’re going to front load this review: if you don’t want to sign a contract to have an iPhone, Straight Talk is the best prepaid carrier you can possibly choose in the United States. And even if you have no problem with signing a two year contract with one of the big  [Read More…]

Stop the Period Automatically Typing in iOS

Double tapping the spacebar in iOS inserts a period at the end of a sentence and starts another, a feature that can really improve typing on the virtual keyboards of iOS, but not everyone likes the behavior. If you don�t want the iPhone or iPad to automatically type periods at the end of a word, here�s all you have to do:

Open Settings and tap �General� Tap �Keyboard� and look for  [Read More…]

Apple to Set Up Express Lanes in Retail Stores Tonight for Busy Christmas Period

Apple retail employees are reportedly holding an overnight tonight which will be used to construct express lanes that will make shopping easier during the busy holiday period. The lanes provide customers with quick and easy access to popular products and accessories, and are staffed by several Apple Specialists.

Apple has used express lanes to cope with a surge in demand during busy periods before, so their introduction in the run up  [Read More…]

Apple to Ship 2.5M iPhone 4S Handsets During Christmas Period

What started as a downer for deflated consumers may become yet another runaway hit for Apple. Already with more than 1 million advance orders, the iPhone 4S is expected to ship to 2.5 million eager fans during the upcoming Christmas season.

According to DigiTimes, the Taiwan-based publication which tracks electronic suppliers, Apple�s No. 2 iPhone supplier, Pegatron, received from Apple an order for 15 million iPhone 4S handsets, up from a previously-expected  [Read More…]