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How to Fix Cron Permission Issues in MacOS Catalina & Mojave

Some advanced Mac users may have noticed that certain shell scripts with cron, cron jobs, and crontab are either not working at all, or not able to function properly in the newest versions of MacOS, notably Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15 and later. Depending on the situation, this may be accompanied by a permissions error, an … Read More

New Mac Malware Takes Screenshots And Uploads Them Without Permission


A new piece of Mac malware has been discovered. The virus installs itself as “macs.app” and silently takes screenshots to then upload to shady servers. It doesn’t appear to be very widespread at the moment.

The malware was uncovered on an African activist’s Mac at the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual event dedicated to “exploring how best to challenge authoritarianism and promote free and open societies.”

Once installed, macs.app runs in the background  [Read More…]

With iOS 6, Apple Is Now Requiring Permission For Apps To Access Personal Data

Beginning with iOS 6, Apple will now prompt you before allowing any app to access your personal data. This includes not only your contacts, but calendars, reminders, and photo library as well. In addition to these dialog boxes, iOS 6 also includes a new privacy section where you can manage fine-grain controls over which apps can use your data.   This new privacy section allows you to revoke any app access  [Read More…]

Apple ‘Asks’ For Permission to Sue Kodak

You know you’ve become a litigious company when you go to court in order to get permission to go to court again. That’s essentially what Apple is doing today. And it may not end up being a Kodak moment for the company Apple is trying to sue. As it turns out, Apple still has it in for Kodak – the bankrupt juggernaut that was once the biggest and wealthiest name in photography. But since the  [Read More…]

Apple: Future iOS Update Makes Apps Ask Permission To Access Contacts

Apple has officially responded to the contact sharing debacle that was highlighted by the Path iPhone app last week. After it was discovered that Path secretly uploaded a users entire contact database to its own servers, the controversy sparked more discussion about how Apple needs to enforce its user privacy guidelines more to protect customers. Third-party apps will have to ask for permission to access contact data from  [Read More…]

Apple Sues White iPhone Mod Kid, Requests Permission to Swirly

Remember the kid who made upwards of $ 100,000 selling white iPhone mod kits to thousands of people, including Steve Wozniak himself? Well so does Apple, and they’re lowering their Thor-like gavel of justice upon the poor kid’s head. And his family too. The recently filed suit against the New York teenager, Fei Lam, and his parents, claims Lam infringed and diluted “Apple’s famous trademarks.” However, Apple filed a voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit at  [Read More…]

Track Any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (With Permission) Using Footprints

Hot on the heals of the iPhone location fiasco (or ‘locationgate’ for those with a flair for the overly-dramatic) comes Footprints, an application for tracking iOS devices, but in a good way.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, Footprints is installed on the device you wish to track and said device is then easily spied upon using another iOS device.

Now before the privacy brigade get out their pitchforks  [Read More…]