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Add a New Person to a Group Message on iPhone

Group messaging is a great feature that makes conversations with multiple people much easier, but what if you want to add someone else to an existing group chat from iOS? No sweat, you can quickly add a new contact (or several) to a group message conversation from your iPhone or iPad with a few easy … Read More

Samsung sets up 200 person team to build displays for Apple

Anyone who dreams of Apple giving a “This is Sparta!”-style thrust kick to rival Samsung, forever booting it out of its production process, is going to be sorely disappointed. If anything, Apple’s leaning more heavily than ever on its long-time…Read more ›

Bill Gates is once again the world’s richest person

Bill Gates may never have creatively made the same impact on computing that Steve Jobs did, but we doubt he’s too upset about it, since according to Forbes‘ newly-published annual ranking of global billionaires, the former Microsoft mastermind-turned-philanthropist is once…Read more ›

Tim Cook shortlisted for Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ award

Tim Cook has been shortlisted again for Time magazine’s Person of the Year award following a remarkable year that saw record stock prices, iPhone sales, and the Apple Watch, as well as Tim Cook opening up about his personal life.…Read more ›

Steve Jobs is the most influential person of the past 25 years, says CNBC

CNBC has named Steve Jobs the most influential person of the last 25 years. On a list entitled “First 25: Rebels, Icons & Leaders,” Jobs ranks above the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet — along with the founders…Read more ›

Exploring Elder Scrolls Online: Be A People Person

Editor’s Note: Due to the sheer size of Elder Scrolls Online, we’re publishing our hands-on impressions in three chunks. Part one is here. What follows is part two. Queen Ayrenn is a modern monarch. She’s definitely trying to do the…Read more ›

Deadman’s Cross Blends iOS Card Game Battles With First Person Shooting Action

Today sees the iOS launch of Deadman’s Cross, a zombie-themed collectible card battle RPG from Square Enix, the company behind Final Fantasy and the multimillion-download hit Guardian Cross. Set sixteen years in the future, the game takes place in a…Read more ›    

Investor Dumps Apple Stock Because Steve Jobs Was A ‘Really Awful’ Person

File this one under, “huh?” CNBC reported Monday that billionaire hedge-fund investor Julian Robertson sold all of his shares in Apple because he’d recently read a biography of founder Steve Jobs, and found the former CEO of Apple to be a “really awful person.” Robertson admits that the stock did very well for him, but […]

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Mobile First Person Shooter, Shadowgun: Deadzone, Goes 2.0 With Massive Update


Madfinger Games announced a massive update to its flagship First Person Shooter (FPS) game on iOS and Android today. There are new maps, weapons, and game content, each of which was created directly from player feedback, including the new “friends” feature.

Rookie players now have a new Special Tutorial mode, while veterans will be glad to see new booster packs for speed, armor, damage, accuracy, and invisibility, along with several  [Read More…]

Time Magazine Profiles Tim Cook As Runner-Up For Person Of The Year

Yesterday we told you that TIME magazine had shortlisted Tim Cook for its prestigious Person of the Year award, but U.S. President Barack Obama ended up getting selected as this year’s winner. Since Cook is the runner-up, TIME has profiled the CEO with an interview and a look at his history with Apple.

While much of the content in TIME’s profile has already been covered in Businessweek’s extensive interview and NBC Rock  [Read More…]