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Spotify fires back at Apple Music with personalized playlists

Spotify doesn’t want to go down without a fight.  The service is debuting Discover Weekly, a new playlist for every user that updates every Monday with unique recommendations for each person. One of Apple Music’s advantages over Spotify is its personalized playlists…Read more ›

Newsbeat delivers news radio personalized to suit you

Having recently snapped up book recommendation tool BookLamp and made moves to acquire podcast recommender startup Swell, Apple clearly realizes the importance of good recommendation algorithms. In that vein, it’s well worth checking out a similar app called Newsbeat, which launched…Read more ›

Guardian newspaper app delivers a more personalized reading experience

  The Guardian — a.k.a. the British newspaper known for breaking news of the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013 — has just launched its new and improved iOS app. The upgrade adds a cleaner design, alongside a more personalized user…Read more ›

Apple promotes personalized learning with new brain training app

Apple’s been big on education under Tim Cook’s leadership — whether that be pushing for iPads in schools around the world, or teaching people to code in Apple Stores. Apple’s latest Editors’ Choice in the App Store continues this educational theme,…Read more ›

News Republic iOS Update Offers More Personalized News Feed

News Republic — the iOS app which describes itself as the “definitive news app” — has received an upgrade, including several significant improvements. Version 4.0 boasts a fresh, iOS 7 optimized look featuring a new icon and added space in…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Easily Create Personalized Cards On Your Mac This Holiday Season With Greeting Box




Got a last minute Christmas card to send? Greeting Box for Mac is for you. It gives you a fun way to create greeting cards on your Mac. Just add your photos into the card and customize it with loads of artistic design features. With Greeting Box, you can send your personalized warm wishes to your loved ones and better keep in touch with friends. And it’s free on  [Read More…]

AT&T Will Now Make You A Personalized Monthly Video Explaining Your Bill

Each month I get my AT&T bill there are usually some small charges hidden away somewhere and I have to hunt through the endless pages of info trying to find out why my bill is off. The cascade of frustration usually results in me calling AT&T asking for an explaination on why this bill is different from last month if I didn’t have any overages.

AT&T customer care is probably tired  [Read More…]

British Prime Minister to Run The Nation from ‘Personalized’ iPad App

Now we can really say there’s an app for everything. British Prime Minister David Cameron is more than just an iPad fan. He’s among the new breed of statesmen dubbed “iPad leaders” – political figures and heads of state who use Apple’s touchscreen tablet to conduct business and direct their respective ships of state. The British Telegraph reports that David Cameron’s “personalized iPad app” will help the Prime Minister more efficiently and accurately do his  [Read More…]

Google Releases Personalized Magazine App, Google Currents And Were Launch Partners!

In an effort to keep up with the entrance of popular magazine-style web readers like the ever popular (and Phil Schiller approved) Flipboard, Google has just released their new app, Currents, for both iOS Android. And our sites Cult of Mac and Cult of Android are both launch partners!   Offering a personalized, magazine-style reading experience on mobile devices that is automatically resized and recromulated depending on the size of the  [Read More…]

Flipboard For iPhone Is Like Having A Personalized Magazine In Your Pocket [Review]

Flipboard released its official iPhone app last night. Many users were frustrated initially with error messages during installation and adding services. The initial surge in traffic caused Flipboards servers to buckle under the strain, but the app came back online for most people this morning and its been working fine for me since. After playing with Flipboard on the iPhone, I love the way that it aggregates my  [Read More…]