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Bypass all those pesky location restrictions with one simple app [Deals]

When shelling out for access to services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, you’re not banking on being barred from access just because you take a trip out of the country. Getflix is a service to make sure that never happens, and right now you can get a lifetime subscription for just $ 39. By selectively routing […]

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How to nuke that pesky location data from your iPhone photos

These days, any photo you shoot with your iPhone or other smartphone will typically contain location data (unless you have that feature turned off) to better allow apps like iPhoto place your images on a map. Even photo sharing services…Read more ›

How To Add To, Hide And Reorder Those Pesky Sidebar Items [OS X Tips]

The OS X sidebar, introduced in Mac OS X Panther (10.3), has gotten an increased set of features over the years, including the most recent changes in Mountain Lion, which let you Hide and change the order of your Sidebar…Read more ›

Apple’s Wrap-Around Display Tech Could Kill Off Those Pesky Bezels [Patent]

A patent application published Thursday reveals how Apple could incorporate flexible OLED displays into future devices to improve their function without sacrificing strength. The technology could get Apple closer to producing bezel-less devices in existing product lines such as the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

‘Tico Timer’ Keeps Track Without All Those Pesky Numbers

Tico Timer — Education — $ 0.99 Here’s another app from the maker of the very clever Humming Timing. Developer Ricardo Fonseca made Tico Timer for children, and it counts down using animated shapes instead of numbers. So the clock will…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Patches Pesky Graphics Bug In OS X Mavericks

Mavericks-MacBook-ProApple has issued a software update for those running the third developer preview of OS X Mavericks. The release promises to patch a major graphics bug that could cause machines to “reboot without warning.” It goes without saying that the issue was a pretty significant one. Although Mavericks is still a developer beta, and therefore […]

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Remove Those Pesky Default Apps From The Dock For Fun And Profit [OS X Tips]

OK, maybe not profit.

OK, maybe not profit.

After I wrote a tip on removing icons from the new Mountain Lion Dock a while back, I got a few questions from readers who weren’t quite able to make it work.

Cult of Mac reader, Diane, emailed and said, “well, it sounds good…..But none of your suggestions work on my computer. when I let go, it still zooms back. when I trash it, it  [Read More…]

Secret iOS Gestures: Get Rid Of Pesky Notifications On The Fly [iOS Tips]

Notifications on the iPhone can be annoying. Right? They drop at inappropriate times, and I always end up accidentally activating them. Of course, my iPhone is more than happy to hop over to the application that sent the Notification in the first place. There are, however, a couple of cool ways of dismissing them without activating them, short of waiting for them to go away, which is what I’ve done since  [Read More…]

Get Rid Of Those Pesky Software Update Notifications [OS X Tips]

Doubtless by now, you’ve seen a few notifications on your Mac when there are software updates to be applied. They’re easy to temporarily get rid of, either by clicking ont he Close button, swiping them to the right, or disabling notifications for the rest of the day. This allows you to update your software when you want to, on your own schedule, with a lot less nagging.

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[Review] BadgeRemover – Annihilate Those Pesky Badges

Do badges annoy you? One part about iOS that just keeps stacking with no mercy would be those notification badges you find on your icons when you get a new notification for an application. They just keep coming. Wouldnt it be nice to wipe them all from the face of your iPhone and stop seeing them all after one single jailbreak tweak installation? A new free jailbreak tweak dubbedBadgeRemoverby iOS developer Fllotouch will let you  [Read More…]